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  1. thank you very much and excuse me i have learnt a lot from your examples bye
  2. i am afraid i can't find this function. i'm using labview 8.5. what are its features ? what is its name ? thanks
  3. Hi I have a file with an header (the column names) and data fields and data are delimited by space example date size amount lenght number 1/1/2009 20 2000 12 3 .. .. other 100 rows with similar data .... 2/3/2009 10 4000 1 333 i would like to read only the data that "belongs" to the fields amount and number keep in mind that order an number of fields in the header can change example of other header size number length other1 other2 other3 other4 other5 amount other6 other7....... any suggestion ? thanks (i need something like get data by column name)
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