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  1. Thank you, Fran├žois Normandin. I have resolved the problem. Can you upload this ICONs? They are so beautiful that I like those.
  2. Thank you TON. I find the .vi about openG, I install the VIPM and packages. There is one .vi find, But two .VI ( List Directory_ogtk.vi, Build Path_ogtk.vi,) did not find. So Francois, can you tell me?
  3. Thank you. There three .vi cannot open normally. Can you upload those .vi and the icon? And I want to konw if the ICON control support the drag and drop event? Just like the above the pictures, the above one is the source tools which can be drag and drop into the below Icon control. And how to configure the icon display in the same size and arrange the distance betwwen them? Thank you
  4. Hello! I want show many different ICONS in control. The txt and picture list can show different ICONS and display the name property. But it need the user to select the icon, and only show one icon. However, i want to show many ICONS simultaneity just like the below picture.
  5. Is there not anybody can resolve this question?
  6. I found the .dll file to resolve this problem, In labview , it provides a CLF node to invoke the dll file, so it is easy to using the code from other platform.
  7. Hello! I want to realize the architecture as the picture shown. The above frame list many independent functions module, user can select the module at will through drag and drop into under frame. And user can randomly configure parameters of module, the main window return to background process, the subwindow dap to the foreground. During changing the parameters , the picture show the effect dynamicly. when exit the subwindow, the main window dap to the foreground . Just as the above discription, the function of this application is just like the assistant or VBAI software of NI. Please give me some suggestion! Thank you! Angle Tips: In one application, one of functions modules may be invoked several times.
  8. I think the system provides the memory when calling the dll , and free the memory when stopping the calling. I want to count the calling dll. and the counter write in dll code. How to realized it?
  9. The array index exceed the max size of array.
  10. I have resolved this problem.
  11. Thank you ,Neville D I have resolved these problem.
  12. Hello: In labview. I call many dll files using CLF node. During debug, everything is right. But build a .exe application, and run it , an error message show as follow: An exception occurred within the external code called by a Call Library Function Node. This might have corrupted LabVIEW's memory. Save any work to a new location and restart LabVIEW. Thanks!
  13. grab the image find the center of object detection the object and estimate it T OR Flase capture the double-click , save the defect ones First grab the real-time image, Second find the center , 3, detection, If the object is defect, then the image will show in the defect display control. If i want to save the defect object, capture the double-click the defect image, and save it. But i find the save image is the same as the real-time image, not the defect one. And I put a display control in the event structure, it show the real-time image But in event structure, I use the varaible of defect display control. So i am confused Then I think in the application, I am not using IMAQ Creat .VI to open a memory for the defect image , so the defect image save incorrectly. But I creat the memory for the defect image, the result is the same as the previously
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