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  1. I am trying to come up with a Software Configuration Plan for a LabVIEW 7.0 project that I am managing. My question is this - how can I stop LabVIEW from asking me whether or not I want to save VIs and subVIs that have not been modified? It seems to recompile every VI as it is loaded, and then asks if I wish to save changes when it closes. :roll:
  2. Thanks guys for your replies - these coupled with a webpage I found will help me come up with something. Jack - no not in sales - I'm a software engineer, but my background is ADA/UML/Shlaer Mellor. Just come off of the back of a 7 year project which used UML / Shlaer Mellor and ADA 95 to implement a large software project. Currently trying to get my head around test equipment - it's all new to me.
  3. Hello Just been in a meeting with our customer, hammering out costs for a piece of test equipment that we intend to develop. Based the estimate on project which was developed in LabVIEW v3.0 - even though new project will use V7.0. The question was asked by the customer - "yes, but how much more efficient will the software development be now that we are upgrading to V7.0". This was a curveball I wasn't expecting, and I am frantically looking for a quantifiable metric with which to respond. Any help would be appreciated. I've been in contact with NI and they will get back to me, but I suspect their reply will be "sales pitch" based, and probably a little rose tinted. I was after some more meaty figures from the guys who use it (I've never used LabVIEW before) In anticipation.....
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