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  1. Hi All! Since LabVIEW uses only Windows MME driver for sound in and out, I'm looking for an other way to get sound data into LabVIEW with much less latency. Has someone use ASIO4ALL for audio input? For sound out I use Midi via MME and the Windows own synthesizer. Its latency is really not high. But the input data comes with some hundred milliseconds lateness. With MME: I tested on 2 systems. About 350ms latency and not really depending of the system load. I tried also with small sample packages of 600 and 1200 byte/chn and a sound card acquisition rate of 96kS/s. In order to c
  2. Hi! I read this thread Very interesting about the based topic to implement a database in a RT-System! My topics at work are automation topics. Also with RT-systems in a stand-alone formation. For example a special interlock system at the ESRF facility in Grenoble (X-rays at a electron accelerator). This system has only a web interface. lt based on sbRlO. And this system needs a process data logging system and a message logging system. For process data l use TDMS with pre processing to reduce data amount (dead band). For messages l use a special file and a translation table, since l need t
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