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  1. Hi guys. I am here again ! I've tried for some days to make my serial communications to work correctly, but I could not do it the way I need. I used GraigC's String.vi to separate voltages and timers, and the VI does it perfectly. The problem is when I try to attach this VI to the serial communication. My AD conversion board sends the data package described in the beginning of this post, every 3 seconds. I need to use the package to calculate some energy power parameters and then wait for the new serial transmission. Once the new serial data arrives, I need to clean all plots and strings and calculate new parameters using the new package. New plots need to be showed every package read through serial reading. I have attached a video in this post but if that were not possible to open I also uploaded to Youtube. (https://youtu.be/swWmabgipFE) The video shows that the first package (correctly received and decoded by CraigC's VI) is showed in the indicators and remains this way forever. We can see that the "Response" indicator is incremented every serial transmission. (see side bar) Even if I stop executing VI and start again, these data remain in the indicators. We also can see in the first line of "Response" indicator that some data received incorrectly is showed. I am not sure if the value of "read count" is essential for correctly receiving and decoding the serial data. So my questions is: 1) How do I arrange CraigC's VI with my own serial VI for reading and showing serial data correctly and update that every new serial transmission ? I would like to thank all of you in advance for helping me again ! Have a very nice week ! continuos_reading_with_CRAIGC_VI.mp4 Simple Serial for adm00523 - continuos reading with CRAIGC VI.vi
  2. Hi guys ! All of you were great ! Thank you for your prompt help and sorry for duplicating the post. I have tested all the VI and they worked very well. Now I am trying to make the data that comes form serial port to work with that VI. Have a very nice day and thank you once more !!
  3. Hi guys! I know that it is an old topic , but I will try ! My DAQ board sends to PC data in the following format. !voltage1[0],voltage2[0];voltage1[1],voltage2[1];voltage1[2],voltage2[2].....voltage1[n-1],voltage2[n-1]:TIMER4,TIMER5<CR> ! is the starting character and we have "," , ":" and ";" as delimiters. In the end of the packet (after ":") my board sends the values of two microcontroller timers (4 and 5). The first data packet ends with a <CR> and my boards repeats that every 3 seconds. I need to plot voltage1[n] and voltage2[n] in two separate graphs and my time base is the value of TIMER4 / n. The real data is like showed below. !0016442034,0000727890;0016499095,0000727024;0016543605,0000724990;0016568541,0000722157;0016578803,0000719243;0016587848,0000716010:0123456789,9876543210<CR> I have used and modified altenbach's VI (https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Contract-multiple-delimiters-for-quot-Spreadsheet-string-to/idc-p/1239830#M7564) but some delimiters are bothering me yet. Modified Altenbach's VI Case value 1 detail The result is: The VI was great to separate correctly the values of voltage1 and voltage 2 in two separate strings but I did not know how to avoid the last comma. Also in Timer4 and Timer5 I could not avoid the characters ":" and "," right before the numeric values. I would be grateful if anybody help to solve this issue or give me other tips to do what I need with that data. Thank you everybody in advance ! DirtySpreadsheetStringToArrayVariable.vi
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