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  1. Hi guys. I am here again ! I've tried for some days to make my serial communications to work correctly, but I could not do it the way I need. I used GraigC's String.vi to separate voltages and timers, and the VI does it perfectly. The problem is when I try to attach this VI to the serial communication. My AD conversion board sends the data package described in the beginning of this post, every 3 seconds. I need to use the package to calculate some energy power parameters and then wait for the new serial transmission. Once the new serial data arrives, I need to clean all plots and str
  2. Hi guys ! All of you were great ! Thank you for your prompt help and sorry for duplicating the post. I have tested all the VI and they worked very well. Now I am trying to make the data that comes form serial port to work with that VI. Have a very nice day and thank you once more !!
  3. Hi guys! I know that it is an old topic , but I will try ! My DAQ board sends to PC data in the following format. !voltage1[0],voltage2[0];voltage1[1],voltage2[1];voltage1[2],voltage2[2].....voltage1[n-1],voltage2[n-1]:TIMER4,TIMER5<CR> ! is the starting character and we have "," , ":" and ";" as delimiters. In the end of the packet (after ":") my board sends the values of two microcontroller timers (4 and 5). The first data packet ends with a <CR> and my boards repeats that every 3 seconds. I need to plot voltage1[n] and voltage2[n] in
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