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  1. After working out how to use the VI Server, I am still having some problems: Currently I am trying to implement a more object based approach to my coding, which will in turn simplify my code re-use. In order to link my code into an in-house software application which is implemented in C++, each class I produce in LabVIEW code will be compiled into a separate dll. These classes will be called directly from the C++ app or called from other LabVIEW classes (dlls) which will in-turn be called from the C++ app. Each class has a LV2 global to store data relating to that class, this LV2 global
  2. I have two separate pieces of code which pass data between themselves using a LV2 global. However when these two functions are compiled into separate executables, each executable has its own copy of the LV2 global and hence the data is not shared between them. Can anyone suggest a way to share a LV2 global between multiple executables. I have tried to use the VI server to load the LV2 global, but the data is still not shared. Thank you in advance for any help, Daniel *UPDATE* I have found a link which may help me get my VI Server solution working: http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.
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