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  1. Go look at the zip called: Windows API - region functions. at http://lavag.org/topic/13373-front-panel-with-round-corner/ You can change as you want the shape and appearance of your panel and keep the properties of the VI
  2. Hello everyone, With the Region Functions from the Windows API, you can give the shape you want to the window (such as the shape of the United States, see area examples.lvilb). For more information: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd162915 (v = VS.85).aspx In the zip file there is a VI for of all Windows API Region Functions. Have fun! Jonathan Borduas Windows API - region functions.zip
  3. I'm not familiar with these events, I thought they were for drag/dropping data.
  4. Hello, I try to detect the following action in edit mode: I took control and moves over an xcontrol and then I released. Note that in my program, it must be the Xcontrol that detects the action. So I tried with the mouse up event, but since it happens on the control moved, the mouseup event is not triggered. After trying several strategies that have not given the desired results. Jonathan
  5. It Might Be a good workaround, but the functions controlling the direction of the camera and the zoom would need to be implemented.
  6. Ok, so if I understand it is unlikely to find an equivalent ActiveX that has the characteristics sought, but it is possible that there is one in .Net. Does anyone know it?
  7. NI uses a superposition like this in the express VI Sensor Mapping to show the coordinate system. Also, I was wondering if there was an ActiveX that has the same features as the 3D picture control but without the inconvenience. Jonathan
  8. Hi Have you ever noticed that it is impossible to put a 3d picture control to back? In fact, when the VI runs, a control that was set to front will disappear into the nothingness of the 3d picture control. Is there a way to stop the aspiration of this black hole ? Jonathan Borduas
  9. Well I need this for january So I'm just going to try it this way. Also... It interesting to use subpanel... I see a lot more of possibilities...
  10. Wow, it's much more complexe than it should be ! (NI plz...) But I will try Jonathan Do you have an exemple, or something that could help me start ?!
  11. Ok, thank you for the info But is there a method that control the depth of a control while running the Vi ? Jonathan
  12. Hi, I'm trying to programmatically control the position in depth(move to back, to front) of a tab control. I found these methods : http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-12527 (attached) But it seems they are only good with panels (I'm not very familiar with it) So I did a test using the Vi's panel reference: I have this error: LabVIEW: This property is writable only when the VI is in edit mode, or this method is available only when the VI is in edit mode. Ok,so they are not very useful... Help would be greatly appreciated ! Jonathan Panel Move Forward an
  13. Merci Fran├žois ! C'est ce que je cherchais ! Jonathan
  14. The same thing hapens with Is.Frontmost properties if I click on the desktop.
  15. Hi ! I'm searching a way to simply know if the Front panel is currently selected. Jonathan
  16. In case I don't find anything on the website of ICON technologies. I was thinking about a workaround: I get the picture of the content behind the window and I put a picture control behind the round shape of the corner. So you have the impression the window stop there but it doesn't. Do you think it's possible ?
  17. Hi everybody I'm searching a way to have a window with round corner . Is there a way to do it in labVIEW ? or Is it possible to get the picture of what the front panel is hiding so i can put it in a 2D picture control ? Thank you J Borduas
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