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  1. Thanks asbo and crelf! I think I'll rewrite the DAQ part of my program and use tasks, channels and scales defined in the project. Didn't know about that nice feature
  2. Hi! I have a cDAQ which is reading a voltage value from a massflow sensor. The output voltage is not linear with the massflow, which makes things a little bit more difficult. Here is the voltage/massflow table from the sensors datasheet. And by using the "Scaling and mapping" express VI I get the results I want. But I've heard that using DDT isn't a good practice, and the express VI contains a lot of things I don't need for this. So the question is, is there any way to do this without using express VIs? Is the DAQmx custom scales useable for this purpose? All input is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. Yes, I learned some new things about the string manipulation functions now. And thanks for the tip, I'll try and see if I gain any performance in doing it that way.
  4. I finally got it working. It's looks a little 'hacky' and it's most likely not the most efficient way to do it. But it's good enough for me atm. Thanks again Shaun and Ton
  5. Thanks for the quick reply ShaunR! The message string does always have the same number of values but its values aren't padded so the total length of the string can differ from time to time. Using "1,HS,%2s,%d,%d,%d,%d,%f" as format string did work when using the "Scan from string", except the last float, which just gave me an integer (for example 1.4 became 1 after the scan). When changing the 6th parameter to float, "1,HS,%2s,%d,%d,%f,%d,%f", I get an error saying that the input string wasn't in the expected format. The actual input string when the error message shows up is "1,HS,OK,0,21,0,0,1\r". Thanks again!
  6. Hi, I'm doing some serial communication with a device which sends a string in return. This string contains different values that I want to split into separate variables. The returned string can look something like this: 1: "1,HS,OK,12550,423,0.40,0,0\r" 2: "1,HS,OK,35000,568,1.32,11,14.4\r" So what I want to do is to get the values something like this: Int, String, String, Int, Int, Double, Int, Double I was thinking regexp is what I'm looking for, but unfortunately I'm not very good with regexp, and maybe there is some other ways which is more efficient. I would be very grateful for any tips to how to solve this! Thanks in advance
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