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  1. After more testing it seems that the problem starts, when the sequence reaches steps that uses GPIB and COM port communication. But why is it only after deployment that these steps slow down... What happens during deployment other that copying files and updating links?
  2. I have tried that and it did not change anything. There does not seem to be a delay between the steps, it is more like the Labview modules are executing in slowmotion.
  3. Hi. We have created a TestStand sequence using mainly labview vi code modules. The test sequence is complete and is running as it should in the sequence editor. After I used the Deploument Tool to build an image which could be moved a production PC, something went wrong. The test sequence will still start and it seems to run fine, but the execution is extremely slow! It doesn''t matter if I run on the production PC or on my computer (where the sequence was created). I can run the sequence from the development location, and everything is ok, I then close the sequence and load it from the location created by the Deployment Tool and it runs slowly... It is not because the tracing speed is set to slow, and it seems to be the vi''s themselves that are executing slowly. Almost as if the "Highlight Execution" is on. Any idea what is going on...? Best regards Stephan.
  4. Hi TobyD. I appriciate that very much. I have put the problem aside for a while because I was getting quite frustrated. I will get back to it in the near future though.
  5. Hi asbo. Thanks for the picture - I was looking for Shutdown using a proterty node... didn't go so well... I have thougt about faking a keyboard/mouse input, but application does not get stuck until after the "Qiut LabVIEW" application control has been fired. I cant execute any code after this. Highlighting the execution does not help me either. The problem only exists when the application is running as a build exe file. Thanks again for your input asbo! I will be sure to post a message if I find a solution.
  6. Hi asbo, Thank you for your reply. I am going throug the shutdown procedure of the vi and trying to find something that will solve this issue. You suggest calling a "final" Shutdown of the IEngine - how do I do this? I can only find a shutdown procedure for the IApplicationMgr - is that what you mean? I have not solved it yet but I have made a discovery. If I change the Preferred Execution System in the vi properties from "User Interface" to "Standard" the vi shuts down and disappears as it should. But only for the standard Simple OI. When I add the functionallity we need the problem reappears... I add procedures for setting up searchdirectories, loading a sequence file and activate the start-button after login completes. After this I changed the Preferred Execution System to "Data acquisition" (should be the highest priority) and it worked, but only on my computer. The problem is still there on the production computer. I have also posted this issue on the NI forum and NI replied that they are investigating. I will relay the solution here if they come up with anything. Regards Stephan.
  7. Hi there. We have build a test system that is running TestStand 4.2 and the code modules are created with LabVIEW 9.0. The SW is running on a PC with Windows XP. We are currently using TestStand Simple Operator Interface (LabVIEW version) to run the tests, and it is with the Operator Interface that we are having a problem. If we use the TestExec.exe file that came with the TestStand installation everything works fine. But we need to make some modifications to OI and if we open the project file and recompile the OI, then the OI will not close properly. It seems to shutdown the testengine and stop execution of the VI, but the window does not disappear until we move the mouse or there is activity on the keyboard. When I open the project file LabVIEW informs me that the project was last saved in version 7.1.1 and we are now running 9.0. Can anyone tell me what is holding the window on the screen until there is activity on the mouse or keyboard?
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