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  1. Thanks for all replies. How can I get labview 8.0 free trial to continue my current expired CD that included all examples and chapters learning? Is lastest labview 2010 included all examples in my current book? Thanks
  2. Hello, I bought a labview book that is a Labview for everyone third edition with a CD evaluation. But the CD evaluation is only 30 days trial. My labview evaluation is already expired, but i have just finished 5 chapters, the book is still have alot of chapters need to learn. I tried to delete the labview evaluation and tried re-install again, but doesn't work it is expired. How can i re try 30 more days to continue learn for the next chapters? Please show me the way thanks for your help Ken
  3. Hello friends, I am planning to learn LABVIEW and try to obtain a CLAD. Which book is the best to learn to prepare for CLAD exam? I current have a LEARNING WITH LABVIEW 6i book. I don't know this book has sufficent info or not. Please give me some advices. Thanks for your help in advance. Q
  4. Hi, I am learning boolean chapter now. I have a question. If I use 2 input numbers and Toggle Swich Boolean on pront panel. On Case Structure, The addition is on True case and subtraction on False case. How do we determine when toggle switch active is a True case or an False Case in order the operation on Show Diagram work properly? Thanks for your help. Q
  5. Thanks for your info. I would like to attach my attachment of Labview diagram to this post. But I don't know how to do it. Please show me the steps how to post my file. Thanks, Q
  6. Hi, I am newer and learning Labview. Can anyone help me this question? Here is my basic language and still dont know what functions can be used this code? I am writing a program that convert decimal to binary. I will use 8 LED to represent for 8 bit, and LED on and off should be 1 (on) and 0(off). If Number < = 255 And Number > 127 Then turn on = "LED 1 on" Number = Number - 128 Else turn on = "LED 1 off" End if. Thanks for your help. Q
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