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  1. I am working with NI PCI-6221 as my interfacing board with LABVIEW. I have to input four Digital input to Port0.0, port 0.1, port0.2, port0.3 of the DAQ card and the rest of the four pins from port0.5- port0.7 am grounding them. i want to input digital decimal data for e.g. 22.7 from microcontroller (PIC16F84A) in to labview via the PCI - 6221 DAQ card and view the decimal data on labview front panel. How can i do this using Handshaking technique?
  2. My Project is dealing with digital data from microcontroller. i need to input this to LABVIEW (version 8.2) via NI PCI-6221 DAQ card . i have connected it to Port 0.0 - Port 0.3 and grounded the rest of the port pins on the DAQ card. How can i read four data lines inputs and display it as decimal data on LABVIEW? I have attached a picture of my LABVIEw set up. Please answer! 1.doc
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