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  1. I received the source code, at least that's what the vendor told me. I have a problem of is not find any file that I can reading ... only '.exe'. That all I have! My .vi follow with others files, but error is the same. Can't understand what you mean by the order of calling functions PS: The .dll has been placed in a previous post. 350_Source.zip ADiS16350_Rev_12_SOURCE.zip Ler Giro.vi MCP_iSensors_DLL.doc
  2. Hi, Thanks for your file, but it present the same error than my file: error-1097. Yes, I only need the two function, findUsb and ReadUsb, the WriteUsb function maybe use maybe not use. I currently am try the implement de header file for library, because every search I do indicate the absence of the header. I have also tried the library importation with 'Shared Library' in tools, but the same error, without header file. One more time, thanks.
  3. Hello all, after analyzing the .h of the dll, I notice that the functions present on MCP_iSensors_DLL.doc aren't the same. I wrote to Analog Devices for report this problem, I hope they will tell me how to make, because it should be this problem with the files I did the one simple thing, that is use direct the block 'Call Library Function' for verify if work well '. dll' The file '.vi' follow next: Ler Giro.vi
  4. I tried several times utilize the block "Call Library Function" how you told me, but I receive always error, that it's error:1097. I just researched for this error, but don't understand how make, because I never created any driver and the dll for me is the very "strange". PS: I have the file .dll and others necessary .sys and .inf, told me the vendor
  5. It is not necessary to put the. Zip file here, the Analog Devices sent to me another email with the file. Dll and other associated. I will try to implement alone, when I'll am having doubts put here. MCP_iSensors_DL.zip
  6. I received this file .zip from the vendor, but don't have any .dll or I wrong? Can you help me? ZIP file
  7. Thanks for the quick response. You gave me three options: 1st is one that's of interest to me, I have already contacting the vender because of the DLL. I tried the 2st but is always an error of access to registers. A 3st is a possibility which I had explained to my supervisor ... everything depends on the availability of funds of faculty and the amendment of the mechanical component. Now, I waiting the response of vendor sobre the DLL.
  8. Hi, I'm a student of Electrical Engineering, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal, and at the end of my graduation I need to finalise my thesis with a research project. The project consist in the stabilization of line-of-sight with two angulare axes. We acquired the iSensor (ADISUSBZ) due to their physical qualities, size and weight, as it will be attached to the platform so we can read the information from the gyroscope. The information obtained will be treated externally using LabVIEW for create the control actions that will operate the servo and we'll get the desired stabilization. However, the difficulty it's reading data in Labview, because this does not recognize the iSensor, hence the various attempts to create a driver. Therefore, I asked what was the programming language to advise the implementation of the controller to be able to do read the iSensor. I tried that: Tutorial - NI Tutorial - Nugget but never can access the registry with information. Thanks! Best Regards.
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