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  1. The Issue Discussion is avaialable @ http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Ramp-by-Samples/m-p/1507238
  2. Is there any other VI's for Replacing this? Suresh Kumar.G
  3. Hi All, I used Ramp by Samples VI in 8.6. I Found that the VI is updated in 2010 as polymorphic with Ramp by Pattern(Samples/Delta). When I upgraded the vi to 2010, it shows that the VI is deprecated. I deleted the vi and Replaced the vi from C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\vi.lib\Analysis\1siggen.llb\Ramp Pattern.vi. But the VI is still Deprecated. Can anyone provide me a solution for this so that the VI is not deprecated. Eg VI Attached. Thanks, Suresh
  4. Hi all, I have VI Analyzer Plugins that are in not added to the LabVIEW Default Directory. Is it Possible to use those Plugins in VI analyzer without Copying the llb's to the Default Data Directory? Thanks & Regards, Suresh Kumar.G
  5. How do I Force TestStand to Update the Values Displayed in the Sequence Editor for a Step? Primary Software: Primary Software Version: 2.0.1 Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A Secondary Software: N/A Problem: I have written a custom step type for my test and can configure limits and operations using the edit dialog box. These values are also part of my step's description string. I notice that after making my changes with the dialog box, the step doesn't update its description string to reflect the new values until after I view the properties. My new values are there, but how do I mak
  6. Hi All, When I edit the Limits of a numeric Limit Step Programatically, the value got Updated in Step Variables. But in Limit Tab, it is not getting Updated at that time. When I click other step and Come Back to the Same, it is getting updated. Can you suggest me a solution to Overcome this(i.e to update whenever the value is modified using Property)? Thanks in Advance, Suresh Kumar.G
  7. Hi, I already have the code in 8.6 and like to maintain in the same. I need to fix the issues from the rsl file got from VI Analyzer 2010. No need for 8.6-2010-8.6 conversion. Is it possible if we use same tests in both 2010 and 8.6? Thanks, Suresh
  8. Hi all, Is it possible to use result file from VI Analyzer 2010 in VI Analyzer for LabVIEW 8.6? I tried but the failure node was not opened respective to the occurrence selection. it throws error message when clicked. But works fine with 2010. Is there any format to use in 8.6 or any conversion methods? Suggestions welcome. Thanks, Suresh Kumar.G
  9. Hi all, Where can I find the internet tool kit for LabVIEW 8.6(Internet toolkit 6.0.2)? I searched in NI site. But I cannot able to find it? Could you please help me for finding this? I have 2010 toolkit. But no 6.0.2 for 8.6 version of LabVIEW Thanks in advance, Suresh Kumar.G
  10. Hi all, Is it possible to read the content from a secure webpage (HTTPS) with password using LabVIEW? How the format of the URL should be? Thanks in advance, Suresh Kumar.G
  11. Thanks a lot francois. Is it possible to get the data type from that ID, or we need to have a look up table? Regards, Suresh Kumar.G
  12. Hi all, Is it possible to find whether the control in the front panel is system or classic using any properties? Thanks in advance, Suresh Kumar.G
  13. Hi all, Is it possible to get default value of a control during runtime? Thanks, Suresh Kumar.G
  14. Hi all, I am using LV 8.6. I have some VI's in 8.2 and also in previous versions. When I open the reference of those VI's in 8.6 and close, it pop up for Save. Is there any possibility to handle it during Run time? I want to do it during Run time.. Thanks in advance,. Suresh Kumar
  15. I need to use ohm (Ω) symbol in my VI. It should read from the ini and change the boolean Text. Is it possible to do it in a simple way? Thanks in advance, Suresh
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