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  1. Thanks, I shall try this out. regards.
  2. Track mouse coordiantes and store in array.vi[]Hi, I need to make a list(add into array) the mouse coordinates when I double click on the image. Please find the attached vi and suggest corrections. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Does anybody have a sample code for Video in Video by LabVIEW. Hints are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. My prog has DAQ and control. So with the boolean style it misses out on the mouse clicks due to polling I think. Can you provide on the event registering / un regrister style. Example or tutorial etc. Thanks
  5. mouse coordinates.viHi, I need to acquire the mouse coordinates over image control while the left button is pressed and the mouse is moved. In the attached vi I need to always click on the image to get the coordinates. Thanks
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