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  1. Dearest Mr Alfafa (and to all) Much Humor I have found in these thread! For I Hope these Postings are Joked! If nott, then I am thinking Mr Alfa should take these test: http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/crackpot.html He May Score HIGHLY!!! Your warmest Regards from Myself, Sajib Nowdhury
  2. My Friend Mr Year, Thank you for your advises! Having recently downloaded (and Installed) a peas of software which allows Spell checking! Most useful! I Hope it improved the ability of reading my posts! Also, I am now “enrolled” on a course, at a Local school for “English four Adults” Which I hope Shall Improve further. My Worry is they may not Understand my language (Living many man miles from home! Sadness). Thanking You for your money Advices regarding La VIEW! I Shall pursue (peruse? Which word is Correct?) these Options with my time. Great Thanks, and Friendly Smile, Sajib Nowdhury.
  3. Sad And Struggling :(

  4. Greatsings Ben, I Am Trying out new stule? Better? I Hopes It can be more read-easy but I admit Feels An Alen Concept. Alwayse make Impressions With Your Writing Is HOw I was taught. I Have ALready tried the "Ecaluation Mode" for LaVIEW 2009 - It has now "expired". So I am Confused Forthis? My Hopeing is for a "Home Edition?" I Know this is Present For Example "Microfost Office 2007". I Am reculcant to Post in my Native Tonge - Is Not Widely spokern nad I am told my English shall not improve Unless I practice. Therefore struggles now result in Gains later. I Do not wish to Give Up. In recent days I have made Gains in the "Work Finding Front" - I have 3 intervews Lined up, two Are very Hopeful for me. I wish to Continue using LaVIEW for many years!!! Thank You Ben for Your Kind Avice. Yours With A Hopeful Handshake Sajib Nowdhury
  5. Dearest Friends, Recventley, Bad times have upon me. Tje work I was doing, Has come to an End. I Am Without WORK. BUT, still, I should HONE my skills??? FOr this Reason, I wish to Purchase LaVIEW for my house. So I can WOrk in “Threelance”. HOWever, I am Not a Rich, Man. Can You Reeecomend How to Get LabeVIEW FOR FREE? (OR Cheap)? Many Smiles and Warm Greetings, Sajib Nowdhury
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