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  1. Hi, i'm sorry if i interrupt this thread,but when you mentioned about STM i have a question. i have STM newest version 2.0 library and labview 2009. when i connect a server and client it works fine without any problem. i should thank the people who has did this library,but found one bug on it,like whenever i remove the LAN connection that means STM read message in the server side which is suppose to give an error (66) , will not give any error saying the connection is lost. what is the reason behind this?if you have any idea then please tell how to go on with this.
  2. Hi all, i want to send a file of around 1MB from one PC to another using labview through serial port.im using Xmodem protocol for this application. my problem is how to detect the serial connection lost and give an interrupt to the sender saying there is an error on the link so that the transmission should freeze until the link get live.In this time both programs in the transmitter and the receiver should run even if the serial connection is broken. can anybody please help me regarding this matter? Regards, vattic
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