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  1. I have created a standalone application that uses both VISA and a DAQ card. The computer that I am running the exe on does not have LABView installed on it. The exe was created on a computer that has LABView 8.2.1 installed. I know I need additional drivers to be able to run the VISA and the DAQ. Therefore I have installed the 09' NI Device Driver CD on the standalone machine. This was not a complete install because of limited disk space on the standalone. Just what I thought to be necessary, like DAQmx and VISA along with some additional. My problem is that when I plug my DAQ into the standalone computer it still says it does not have the drivers. I have searched for just the DAQ drivers with no luck. Is there an easy way to install drivers for this hardware? BTW, standalone does not have internet access. I have also noticed that in some versions of LABView you can include these installers without the exe. Does anyone know which version of LABView this started?
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