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  1. Hi, I would need a data integrity (and not just a hash) on LV RT. RSA decrypt would do the trick. Is it available? Thanks
  2. Hi, what is the current status of XML support in LV, e.g. if I want to parse an arbitrary XML file? It does not work for me on LV-RT Thanks.
  3. Hi, all! Here's the story... I've made a network share variable (NI-PSP) that has update rate higher than 300Hz. I've enabled server side buffering and implemented buffered read using DataSocket (since NV does not support buffered reads) in VI, added some additional code to verify if there are any packet losses. None... very nice (especially since I need only 10Hz update rate) However, I need to write a client that is not LabView VI. Is there a way to implement/use DataSocket API (and set BufferMaxPacket property) outside VI and monitor NI-PSP variables, i.e. an external C++ (not only C#) application using NI libraries. Does Measurement Studio support this? I use LV2009. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for an answer. I was looking further at "new" NI-PSP, UDP based protocol (for monitoring). Does it really solve network congestion and packet loss? Regards.
  5. Hello, what is the state of OPC support on LV RT platform? To my knowledge OPC is based on COM/DCOM Windows API that is not available on LV-RT. So there is no way to have point-to-point (not via NI-PSP and SVE on Win) communication between LV-RT and OPC client/server, right? Thanks.
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