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  1. Hi Lavas, I am facing a problem when i want to use the 3D sensor Mapping Express VI. This VI acquires the model as a STL file, the problem is i am getting a point cloud out of my laser scanner and creates a delaunay Mesh out of it, and after that i need to apply the color interpolation exactly the way that Sensor mapping is doing it, so that would be awesome if i can save my Mesh as a STL file, and then update it after each scan. I just want to know if it is possible, or i should go through the procedure of color interpolation and so on.
  2. Hi Lavas, This question may seems weired i am creating a 3-D picture scene through delaunay Mesh, and i like to save it as a STL file and feed it as an input to a VI which just accept STL input. Any idea?!
  3. Hi, thanks for your useful help. now the programm runs but it gives me the Error " Error -603 occurred at There is no Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R2 installed." although the MRDS is installed. Actually i installed the MRDS 2008 R3, normally there should be no problem! Any idea why it can not establish a connection with Microsoft robotic ??????????
  4. Hi everyone, I was trying to connect labview and Microsoft robotics simulator based on this link : http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-9214 everything goes fine until when i am running the SimluatedNIcholas.vi i am asking for a microsoft.dss.enviroment.dll that i can not find it anywhere. Does anyone have an idea or the same problem sometime? Thanks
  5. good afternoon All, I just wondering if any 3D picture property exists, that show a coordination axis somewhere on 3d picture scene (see the picture pls), or shall i import it as a file and add to 3D picture scene? Cheers
  6. Hi Lavas, I have a 3D model of an unknown object which has some hill and Vally. I choose some points on the surface of an object and i want to make a path through it, so i want LabView to find some points between the marked points. I was thinking about interpolation, but if i run an interpolation will the result be some points on the surface again, or may it gives me some points inside the object? Any idea?
  7. Oh, thx Vugie, good to know. Well, as i was not so successful with finding the proper path through edge finding, i did more research in case of finding an easier way:wacko:. AHa, also i read about geodesic distance between surface. Does any one have any kind of idea about it?
  8. I have one more question regarding this topic, do you think if it is possible, to use the Bezier curve for finding propert path through the mark points?
  9. Thanks Vugie, well, i have hard time configuring about how i can apply you suggestion. and i guess i need some codes as an example, to give me some ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated if it is possible
  10. Hi Lavas, i have a cube in 3D picture control with some points on it. I want to connect the points through lines, right now i am using "Scene Mesh" . The problem rise when i want to connect two points on two different faces. LabView connects them from inside, i don't want to transparent my cube instead i like to calculate the path by myself. I know about the mathematic of calculating the path, but i dont have any idea how i can apply it. Any idea or any similar example? Thanks
  11. hi Lavas, i am trying to use Set Mesh parameters, to draw lines between some marked points on the cube. By using "find object" i can delete the marked points. I couldnt figure it out how find object can be used for removing meshes, so any idea? shall i used find object and then remove. object or there is any other method? Looking forward hearing any idea. Trin
  12. F*** last days of thesis!

  13. Hi Lavas, i have a fundamental question:rolleyes: whenever i had some problems regarding to 3D picture i used OpenGl basics,I want to make sure if it is valid to refer to OpenGl as the basis of LabView?!
  14. Thans Vugie, ur hints were really useful as usual, i tried to applied whatever you had said and i have just one more question,the problem with connecting line is that, when i want to connect two points from different faces of cube, they will connect to each other from the inside of cube, so user cant see the line,this probelm is true for the curves as well,i thought may be i should find the intersection of a plane that this two points makes and the connection line should be in that plane,Thats just a guess, may be some more idea?
  15. Thx vugie, as always quick and useful, i tried to apply the procedure on my cube, so when i click the marked points will be connected, but the result is, all the points are connected to the center of cube, i doubt may be because of the way i change the pick points value to cluster of array, i tried to use it without interpolation, but still no success. that would be nice if you or any one else can take a look at my VI and give me some hints. Thanks
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