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  1. I am coming across an error when I run a compiled program trying to creating a new file in Windows Vista and 7. I think this is due to the new security features in newer Windows OS. Is there a way to get around it as a standard user instead of adminstrator? Is there an unprotected directory I can create new file and write to?
  2. The machine is on, connections are good. I've tried both straight through and cross cable. Here is a screen shot of the MB Serial Example Master vi. It times out trying to read discrete inputs. This is the initial hurdle and I'm also stuck on how to send or commands to read/write. Such as in the attached text file above, 005 is to read the software status, how should this command be formatted and inserted in the code. Thanks.
  3. I would prefer using Serial but there is TCP option as well. It looks like the equipment I am using have the option to select between RTU and ASCII, but the default is RTU. I ran the example VI in the library and I am getting "Timed out" errors. I'm new to this so not really sure where to start troubleshooting. If there's an existing code that someone has that works on their end, then it will be helpful for me to troubleshoot it. I have attached a list of register defintion here. I know the serial settings. I do not know how to pass info to the unit and receive feedback. I'm not sure how to format the command or how to incorporate it with the modbus library vi. register def.txt
  4. Does someone have an example VI for communicating through Modbus with an equipment with LabVIEW? It'll be great if you can share the code. I tried the NI Modbus library but it did not work out, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. Thank you.
  5. Please reply if you have experience or sample codes using LabVIEW Modbus to communicate with Uson Vector Leak Tester. Here is the link to the Vector Leak Tester: http://www.uson.com/content/includes/db_files/Benchtop%20Enclosure%20Version.pdf Thanks.
  6. I am wondering if anyone has experience write / read to an Uson Vector Leak Tester using LabVIEW. Uson Vector Leak Tester has a Modbus TCP/IP and Serial communication options. LabVIEW has a Modbus Library and DSC software for setting up Modbus server. I am hoping to communicate through TCP. I have not obtain everything necessary to try this out yet, but if anyone has experience with this, please reply to the post. Thanks. Below is the link to the Uson Vector Leak Tester: http://www.uson.com/...e%20Version.pdf
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