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  1. TobyD :D thank you i guess this will solve my problem:) i read before that using a value signaling inside a while loop is bad. i dunno why but if you re telling me that this will work than i will definitively try it! Thank you again:thumbup1:
  2. There is never nothing going on

  3. Osvaldo thank you so much i will try what you proposed and i appreciate you taking the time to answer me. best regards!! Ciaooo. i ll let u know what happens.
  4. Thank you for your replies. Osvaldo i didn t understand what u did ? i am sorry....U think maybe i can save the value of my boolean indicator to a local variable and each time compare it to the new value?? like comparison of an old and the new value? if they are the same i don t read if they are different than i read...I don t hink i will have race conditions... Can u please explain how u handled ur event handling?? ShaunR the problem is that i already have the iUSBDAQ HYTEK as an interface and i am reading digital input from it but thank you
  5. I am trying to trigger an event each time the boolean indicator changes states. The boolean indicator is connected to a digital DIO. Each time the state is changes from low to high i must read the data and each time it changes from high to low i want to read data as well. so on the state change i want to call the read function. can anyone help me out please? thank you:)
  6. I have downloaded all the iDAQUSB Hytek drivers and vi's and even tested the idaqtest&log. I have created my own vi where i read continuously Data from digital DIO(channel 9-16) and save them successfully in my database. I have a micro controller-encoder-transmitter and on the other side a receiver-decoder-Hytek-PC The micro-controller is sending a 255 header followed by 14 bytes each for a different sensor. The problem i am facing is that i need a some sort of trigger to only read when change of state so that the one byte don't overwrite the other. in my case my hytek is reading 255-25
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