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  1. Hi,Guys: Recently I plan to design a Device using LabVIEW. For customer remote control, this device should offer an API , Now I am thinking of which remote control mode is the best: My remote control requirements as follow: 1,Send command to Device,like: start,stop,acquistion etc; 2,Retrive data from Device,like:get data Now I plan to use telent server for this Device remote control,because I think telenet protocal is more common. So customer can control the Device using C,VC,or LabVIEW telent command. Does any other romote control suggested? Thanks,
  2. Hi,All: Recentely I write some code for system integration,however,I am often confused about the LabVIEW achitecture. I want to apply a standard architecture for all kinds of applications(Real time DAQ Acquisition,Audio analysis and so on), but it is difficult for me to make sure which type of architecture is most suitable, I hope the architure can well integrate with the following features: Multi-task(DAQ application), Good error handle mechanism, Good for system update. Some achitectures I saw are options for the requirements: 1,State machine with String meassage or Queue based(Such as JKI State machine): This is traditional way to write LabVIEW code,but this is a single task achitecture,if I setup a high speed DAQ and analysis system. This achitecture is limited for this kind of application, because DAQ system should have 2 task: Data acquisition and analysis,even data storage. So how to use this type of state machine for multi task application? 2,Engine based State machine architecture: Setup some engines(DAQ engine,Error handler engine,Data analysis engine),LabVIEW UI just control the engine run mode, using message queue to communication with various of engine. I don't know how to use it in Run-time mode,because this achitecture is based on Queue message and Dynamic call mechanism. so the engines should be VI rather than EXE. 3,LabVIEW OOP architecture: I hardly use this architecture,how about it? Is this a suggested way or best way for system architecture? The above is 3 main architecture I often see,could you give me some suggestions for selecting the best architure? Thanks,
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