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  1. I have a project that I am working on that requires a very compact PC but also a PCIe DAQ card from NI. I was wondering if anyone has used an NI PCIe card through a Mini PCIe to PCIe adaptor such as: http://www.amfeltec.com/products/minipcie-to-pcie-adapter.php Would this work?
  2. Hi, I have a project that I am starting that I would appreciate some advice on. I need to develop a solution for interfacing to a third party sensor on a production line. The production line runs at 500 cans/minute and the system I am developing is required to track the cans through different stages of the line. The system I am developing has about 10 digital IOs, 7 Analogue inputs and 1 Quadrature encoder input. I was thinking of using a NI PCI6220 as my DAQ hardware and I was wondering what sort of sampling speed I should expect from it with these number of channels. I need to monitor the i
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