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  1. Thanks dude! You really save my day. Without your help, I would most probably spend weeks thinking how to solve it. Babyespades.
  2. I couldn't really share the v.i here cause it a confidential company project I'm working on sorry. I tried clicking on the ScaleMode property. But it just wouldn't budge. As though it fixed at 0. I will try out the stage class that you mentioned, thanks for your help asbo Btw I will try to produce a identical one for problem as soon as possible to show here but in the mean time if anyone know how to solve, please help me. Thanks BabyEspades.
  3. Hi guys, Currently, I have a shockwave (swf) inside the Active X container. And I have it listens to keystroke using ActionScripts. But when I ran LabView, the swf file that is inside the Active X container is not able to read the keystroke until I clicked on it to give it the focus/priority. Is there anyway to set the priority to the active X container once it starts running? And there another problem I encountered that I hope you guys could help me with. It related to the scaling of the swf file. The swf file have two scale option, 100% or ShowAll. Originally, I set the swf file scale to
  4. Hi guys, currently I face a problem. Which is regarding the timestamp. I trying to get the timestamp in hh:mm:ss form. And I managed to get that, however there is a Am/pm behind the time. Is there any way to remove it ? Because one of my computer have the am/pm behind the time. However, another computer doesn't. Hope you guys could help me out on this. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the links guys. But maybe I got my problem wrong. The actual problem I encountered is, currently like I said I am using Labview 8.2. And I tried to download the Database Connectivity Toolkit at the NI site. The version of it was 1.0.2, which is if I am not wrong for Version. LV 9 /2009? Is there anyways, I could use the toolkit for LV 8.2 ?
  6. hi Guys, I am new here and new to labview. Kinda hope the professionals here could help me with my problems. Currently I am using Labview 8.2. And I am hoping to use the Database Connectivity Toolkit to access SQL. I am not sure whether if it able to work in labview 8.2. or is there any other ways to get the same results?
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