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  1. hi , Ok ...its PWM measurement / encoder pulses that i want to measure ... in the data sheet they have mentioned hardware timed Digital IO such as NI 9401 OR 9402 . could you tell me how to make use of the BNC connectors.....for pulse measurement ? The datasheet does not give details. Cheers, T
  2. Its a CDAQ ........with 2 AI modules ....9178 has 4 built in counters but can be used only with NI 9401 .. trying to make use of some examples ..............to basically measure the rising transitions or just give the num,ber of high pulses on a continous incoming pulse waveform . Any direct examples available ?
  3. Tan_godo

    Analog Input

    Hello there, I am basically making use of an Analog Input to acquire some pulses using which i want to calculate the number of ticks and further the angle and number of rotaions . If i was using a counter card life would have been easy , but currently dont have one . can anybody suggest easy ways of deriving the ticks first , from the incoming waveform ? Cheers , T
  4. Hello , My basic requirement is i would like to simualte some sensors , a DC motor and say a Lithium battery .The purpose is see their behviour or characteristics by setting the input conditions and values Like in Matlab i guess some models are available . In LabVIEW are there any toolkits available or has somebody created some simulations. something like slect the motor model from a palette , place on my block diagram and go ahead and simulate its behaviour. Regards Tan
  5. Hi , i am basically Using a cDAQ 9264 . on an 8 slot USB Daq chassis. @ mesmith : i already tried out by creating a 2 channel task using " Dev1/a01:2 " , giving some zero signal data on 1channel and the actual data on the other .But in this case i will have to use the daqmx write block as " n channel n sample " , so accessing any other channels i.e other than 1and 2 will give me an error that the device is reserved. So i will have to think of some else since getting new card is not possible . Regards Tan
  6. Hi , The scenario is i have an analog daq card with about 16 channels , my requirement is such that i need to have some continous data generation on 2 channels .But they will be triggered independant of each other and not simultaneously. So what happens is the Daqmx write block gives out this error code "-50103 " i.e. "NI Platform Services: The specified resource is reserved. The operation could not be completed as specified." Is there any way to use 2 channels for continous generation Regards Tan
  7. Sorry for the late reply .... The scenario is the system has 2 microcontrollers talikg to each other via SPI bus (one is master , the other is slave) .I want Labview using the 8451 card to monitor the data transaction between the 2 ?\ Is it possible ? since on connecting the 4 lines (clk, chipselect , sdo and sdi ) i get some data but not the correct thing. Can this card work as a slave ? Or can it be made to work as s slave ? Regards Tanisha
  8. Hello All , Anybody has used the ni usb 8451 card for SPI Communication ? Regards Tan
  9. Yup using TCL interface is better compared to dll interface . I will go thru "Rapid Script Generation" section . Currently using TCL84.dll and doing some initialisation on the same i was able to at least able to obtain an ouput for TCL_Scan script .
  10. The programmer has only DLL and TCL Interface ...
  11. Hi , i tried using Call libary function . "AT91_BOOT.dll" has only functions register dll , unregister , get object class and unload . But in the libary folder there is another dll i.e. " JLINK ARM.dll " , so basically the boot dll uses this to scan for the devices connected to the PC. Under this there are lots of functions available so basically one will have to use combination of them to try to get some result (rite now schedules are very tight ) So what i was thinking is since AT91_BOOT.DLL is the top wrapper , we should be able to access and get some result out of this only . Checking out Xnode Tan I am downloading to an Atmel microprocessor ....... using USB - JTAG link ........ i think this too has some comand line interface .. i'll chk that out some hope there
  12. Hi there , Currently we use Atmel programmer i.e sam-ba v2.9 for downloading the bin file into the microcontroller using USB-JTAG (Jlink ). I require to do the same using Labview . The dll is available for the same . I registered the dll successfully and using function "Automation open" the methods under it are available . But i am unable to use the methods successfully . for e.g the method Scan requires input as a pointer to a table where the list of devices are located , the data type of the input is U8 , so if i input a value of 0 , it gives me an error .. Can anybody help , how can we pass pointers in Labview The example code snippet given for the method in the manual is as given below, CHAR *strConnectedDevices[5]; for (UINT i=0; i<5; i++) strConnectedDevices = (CHAR *)malloc(100); AT91Boot_Scan((char *)strConnectedDevices); Please help .... Tan P.s attaching the library files Library.zip
  13. Ok ..... Thanks . I'll try that out ...
  14. Hi there , I require to have a vertical scroll option in listbox . The property node "Visible Items-> Vertical scroll bar " makes the scroll bar visible but the scroll position should change according to the data added in the listbox . In a string control setting "Scroll Position" is possible but in case of " listbox " i am not able to get the vertical scroll bar to show the last updated data. Regards Tan_godo
  15. Can i generate 2 signals of different frequencies simultaneously on NI 9264. The generated signal frequency will be in the range 1 HZ - 10K . I am making use of the "Daqmx Write--NChannel Nsample" and "Daqmx timing " block , both channels generate with the same frequency since it depends on the sample clock rate set . How do we set different sample clock rates simultaneously.
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