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  1. Does any one know how to configure the library node to use windows message box's in a labview VI?
  2. All, Very strange. I have a front panel with custom controls (png files loaded in place of the standard labview graphics), when I build my exe file and load on a target with screen resolution of 800x600 they seem to be shifting on me, not all of them just a couple numerics whose radix have been enlarged and the rest of the numeric control shrunk and hid behind the radix of that same control. Any ideas, NI app eng's have no clue. A note, I have unchecked maintain proportions of window for different monitor resolutions and scale all objects on front panel as the window resizes, this wa sno help. I have also set the minimum panel size to width of 0 and height of 0, and have also tried the 800 x 600 setting as this is the resolution of the target.
  3. All, My scenario is a parallel loop configuration. 1st while loop is an acquisition loop for video, the 2nd is a processing while loop for the video. I would like to use the event structure in the processing loop to pause the acquisition loop. Any ideas?
  4. Say perhaps I have a device that errors out and I want to start the main VI over to re-initialized devices, can this happen during the middle of the main VI?
  5. All, Is there a way in LabVIEW 2009 to have a VI call itself while it is running, and start over? Thanks, Anthony
  6. Thanks to all, I also agree with Scott. I kept the value change and used the appropriate form of mechanical action mentioned. Everything worked out great. Thanks Again. -Anthony
  7. When I click a button linked to the event structure that is executed on value change that event case executes exactly twice every time, any thoughts. I have been using event structures for years and never came across this before.
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