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  1. 500 club : I was preparing for CLAD but the above written question was leading to, too many qun's and ans from my perspective... thanks for ur reply and the efforts ... And my personal suggesstion out of the box. "LabVIEW for Everyone" is the book which shows u the mistakes we generally make as a beginner...I was enjoying it than reading it...Thats just me ... I have wrote the CLAD n waiting for results...If i fail ill come up with more qun's ...Adios
  2. Yair..Searching is Not helping ... ------------------------- 500 club : Ans to #2 is Tab-delimited ASCII.... lol ...Thanks for u'r honest reply ... Why??? dont know yet.When to use TDM,Binary format???Still dont know in depth. ------------------------ #1 for extended period of time ans is Get date\time in seconds.But for Small period of time my ans revolves between "wait until next ms multiple" and "Get date\time in seconds"??? ...Any Suggestions would be really helpful. ------------------
  3. Any reference material related to above topic would have been really helpful.
  4. 1. Which timing function (VI) is the best choice for timing control logic in applications that run for extended periods of time,small period of time and please inform why? a. Tick count(ms) b. wait(ms) c. wait until next(ms) d. Get date/Time in seconds e. Format date/time string 2. You must store data that other engineers must analyze with Microsoft Excel. Which file storage format should you use? a. Tab-delimited ASCII b. Custom binary format c. TDM d. Datalog Please specify any good materials related to above asked questions.
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