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  1. All, I have been working with the matio library (0.1.8) and it works fine! With some creativity in using the library one can save and read just about anything. I did however catch a bug in the List Variables (mat string).vi (the whos vi). I was trying to read a generic mat file which did not contain miCOMPRESSED data, but standard miMATRIX data. When the whos VI was used only 1 variable was listed, the first in the file. The file itself contained 19 variables. After some investigation from my part I discovered that in the vi the "remaining string" was only passed to the second iteration of the while loop listing the variables if the datatype was miCOMPRESSED. The other option in the case selector was _invalid. The latter was also the default case. I took the liberty to change the case selector in such a way that the _invalid is no longer the default case. I added the miMATRIX datatype and applied the "split string" there too, like in the miCOMPRESSED case. I made this the default case. After this minor change all variables (1D double arrays, miMATRIX) are recognized perfectly. I want to stress that I have not tested it with any other datatypes. I just found out today. So please use caution. @cookjr, I hope you can use my feedback in the next version of the matio library. I really appreciate your work! It helped me a lot. Also because I hate to write Wrapper C++ DLL's to interface with the libmat.dll to be able to use LabView writing and reading mat files. I have attached the VI as well as a code snippet. Thanks. René List Variables (mat string) v2.vi
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