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  1. Thanks for the tip! Error handling is something I forgot about entirely. I guess I just assume the VI will work I think that's my biggest challenge remaining -- time pressure. How much of the application functionality should I target? (obviously 100% would be ideal, but at what point do I focus on documentation and style over adding the peripheral functions?) I've tackled the Security System already (see my other post in this forum) which also took me longer than I have available to me. I'm going to try the traffic light soon. Thank you for your comments!
  2. Thanks! It'll be useful for studying to have all these references in one place. -David
  3. So it would seem I may have gotten off on the wrong foot, having looked at the CLD solution for the car wash before implementing it in my own terms. (Please note, if you only read Dan's comment and didn't look at the code itself, mine is in fact different from the example, and I'd still like comments on it. Lots of views to the thread and many downloads, but no replies makes me sad:() Mea culpa. Anyway, I've now implemented the security system code entirely from my own head. I haven't seen any example code for this one, though I'll probably look at the proposed solution after there are so
  4. Dan, Fair question :-) After crashing and burning a few times, and floundering around trying to learn how to create typedefs and custom controls (having never used them or "needed" them before), I looked at the example to get my bearings. I closed it completely and then programmed from the Standard State Machine template. The wire labeling motif I stole directly from the example - again, I've not had wire labels before. I believe my pausing timer is a little more elegant than the provided example, but I would gladly take commentary about it. Really, this was my first concerted effort to
  5. Hello everyone! I've been using LV regularly (with recycled code) for about 4 years. I recently took the CLAD and passed - and now I'm contemplating working toward the CLD. I've attached an .llb of the Car Wash sample, and would love to have expert commentary on what I'm doing wrong, what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing ugly (and don't you dare say my wife!) I'll hopefully be able to apply your thoughts and comments toward the other two CLD test examples. I did the implementation using a QSM in LV 8.6. Thank you! -David Carwash.llb
  6. Newly-minted CLAD who just discovered this forum/wiki/website. Yeah, I'm not as elite as the rest of ya, but you've got to start somewhere... -DaveM
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