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  1. ShaunR Yess! It changed to code now with the last trick you mentioned. Thank you so much
  2. ShaunR It's interesting I didn't know that . Thanks. I Use Firefox and i did what you said but it just pasted it as an image and not converted to code. How can we differentiate a simple png file from a snippet?
  3. Jon Do you mean I have to create an invoke node for every single SubVi linked to main Vi? Also I am wondering why my subpanel invoke looks different from yours ( it has not the reference input,although the version is 2010) can you send me the file of your example instead of image? Thank you
  4. Jon Thank you so much but as I am not that expert in labview,do You have any example file I can look at? Also, If I want to fit the Vi inside the sub pane ( not scrolling) what should I do? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi I need your help. I created a sub panel in the front panel and wrote the code to open another Vi inside this sub panel. It works,but the problem is the Vi that I want to open here has several subvi's dependencies which do not open inside the sub panel. What happens now is that the Vi opens in my sub panel but when I click in a button inside that vi ( which is linked to another sub Vi) ,the linked sub vi Opens in a full page( in a seperate window), not inside the sub panel ! How can I modify it in a way that all subsequent Vis also open inside the sub panel? Can you help me in this regard? my code image is attached. Thanks
  6. Thanks Ben I am not that expert. Could you give me more explanation or an exapmle file? Thanks
  7. Hi I want to open a video and after finishing that video which is 10 second, a dialog box (another sub vi) comes up and asks for other steps.I used sequence frame (both timed and flat) but the two events still execute simultaneously. I don't know how to use sequence frames in a way that the subvi runs just after the video playing time is done. Can anybody help? Here is my video opening codes Thanks
  8. Thanks Ben. I have another question. I put the activeX container in front panel and inserted windows media player into the container. The problem is when the program loads the video, the windows medai player expands to a bigger window which goes out of my container!! How can I fix it? I want it play inside the container. Tnx again Farid
  9. Hi! I have problem with 2D picture control. when the image is loaded in the 2d picture box, it is placed in up and left part of the picture box and the rest remains white. How can I set it to fit in the whole picture box? Thanks
  10. Francois! I am out of town now and just saw your comments, Thank you so much for youre guides. I 'll try them when i am back to work. You helped me a lot so far. Thanks
  11. Froncois,thank you so much. it just worked!! i think there were 2 corrupted images among that directory files which made it not functioning. thanks. I have 3 questions : 1- now when i click and hold the mouse left button, it shows the pictures and select the picture when i hold the mouse on the picture and then release the left button. Is it possible to make it like normal drop down which by first click it pulls down and shows the pictures and then selecting the picture just by clicking on that? 2- is it possible to make the combination drop down menu ( see the image) by using picture array? 3-Is there any way to scrolling pictures by scrolling the middle button of mouse?(i need this function for another user interface) Again, Thank you a lot and appreciate your patience and kind effort.
  12. it does'nt show any error!! but still no picture is shown. here is the image with highlighting execution.
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