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  1. Always a highlight of #NIWeek! Everyone welcome, I will see you there https://t.co/fAmR4sW0yH

  2. This is an exciting step! Speakers will be hugely important to the success of the event so bring your best ideas https://t.co/wJjcAqNAbj

  3. @WoodyZuill I think about this doing DIY on my house. You rip something out thinking "why the hell did they do it l… https://t.co/KbsspbPD6Z

  4. @swatzyssdc @joerghampel @inusolutions @labvolution @ALArchitects @GreylockTech @ThoricSolutions @photovalve We wou… https://t.co/1dlGmTi2Z0

  5. @inusolutions @joerghampel @swatzyssdc I always plan to do it Friday afternoon, normally end up doing it Monday morning!

  6. @TARRC_EDU @niukie @RSComponents Nice job! What is it doing?

  7. @mojcamars I like piprdrive but the auto task creation is a key feature missing. Insightly had this but switched to… https://t.co/Nu9medvzAS

  8. Not many details but worth pointing out that it sounds like saftey systems did what they should do and fail safe on… https://t.co/3GBiQr9yON

  9. @westberksbrew When is it open? Can't see any details on the web

  10. RT @Fabiola31416: Are you Certified #LabVIEW Architect?, 2018 European #CLASummit - Official Call for Presenters. @NIglobal @LabVIEW https:…

  11. When you leave a bug for fresh eyes, and fix it in 2 minutes on Monday morning. Sometimes I get it right!

  12. @JeffreyHabets @Fabiola31416 @NIglobal @labview @labviewbydesign Without hesitation, there's enough bad code in exi… https://t.co/Pt4movohOr

  13. @JamieJPower @businessinsider Well the thing is that it is a brand (brandless TM). It's just like going to the Apple store

  14. @inusolutions I'm using @planio for my projects. Gets expensive if you need lots of projects though

  15. @LabVIEWers @VI_Technologies I use @planio for this. A hosted version of Redmine with a few additions. Also conside… https://t.co/KH7U4TPV5j

  16. @Fabiola31416 @vishots I still do it, you just have to be aware of the issues 2/2

  17. @ProfBrianCox Someone needs to show him those crash test videos of cheap Indian cars and see if he fancies one. I'll stick with what we have

  18. Great day at @niukie Dev days presenting on by reference in @labview, thanks for having me! Great to see new reactions to NXG too

  19. @hampel_software @joerghampel Love it - Never tracked down that booth

  20. These 12 Graphs Show Why Data Viz Is So Important https://t.co/glNlcIu4pK

  21. @jkisoftware Thanks, it's interesting to see what has stood the test of time. Fundamentally its the same topic, we… https://t.co/QIXlC13Zy7

  22. @hampel_software Wow looks good!

  23. @jamesmc86 It's worth saying I am working on it (very, very slowly at the minute though!) LabVIEW CLI is the start https://t.co/7YQFrtymip

  24. Sometimes I find reminders around the office help with the key questions! https://t.co/z8vN69HfxP

  25. This is why agile is hard/doesnt work consulting. No customer will pay fixed price for variable scope. There are wa… https://t.co/HXJp9b0Q0p

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