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  1. I'm not sure if this helps but are you sure it takes timezone from the PI? On RT systems (but I've not worked with the Pi) front panel timestamps display as the timezone of the host system which can cause confusion in things like this. I don't think that explains everything your seeing but might help.
  2. As yet it doesn't really support code add-ons is my understanding (at least not well). For example I think it still lacks any support for palette editing.
  3. Yeah that would be cool but it is a front for different package technologies i.e. npm, nuget It would involve persuading GitHub to run a LabVIEW package server - maybe not impossible - but probably not high up there list. Many package managers can just read GitHub repos as a package though - so rather than just entering a name you enter a path to GitHub - that seems more achievable if GPM takes off
  4. I have a few things that might fit a user story - but also some more freeform feedback too - I'm excited to see some effort and thought going into this area - although early discussions sounds like a lot of technology work where I think there is a solid base already. To backup Joergs point as well - I want to use github/gitlab etc. for my open source projects - leveraging what is already there makes it easier to find resources, help and allows me to translate my experience between languages. There should really only be LabVIEW specific elements where that is absolutely necessary IMHO. Discoverability is kind of interesting - but when all the other package managers already have sites for this, it doesn't feel like very low hanging fruit. Pushing collaboration feels like a great approach. Getting more people owning code and publishing it in a way that people can collaborate feels like something that is lacking. There are so many projects that appear as forum posts or packages on the tools network that lack a public issue tracker, code repo and other things that can impact collaboration. Better still this is mostly an education play requiring less investment and can leverage loads of great existing resources like opensource.guide. Having a non-gated repo would be of interest though - even if you can just link to a package to simplify the infrastructure that would be a great start.
  5. Not through the FPGA interface I'm afraid. You can if your using scan engine/ethercat (though I would have to look up the calls again)
  6. Could you use an adaptor around the DVM that inherits from the desired abstract classes? That has been my solution to this problem in the past.
  7. I would definitely recommend a thin client. It should be easier to secure (you just don't build in the ability to do anything you don't want it to) and HTTP is going to be much more firewall friendly. It does require building that thin client though! If the load is low this could be LabVIEW web services though (but if you have experience with a more suitable technology I would consider that).
  8. Hi James, I've seen you show off some cool demos with the JSON extensions. Is there any instruction on how to include that in this library? Cheers, James
  9. Always a highlight of #NIWeek! Everyone welcome, I will see you there https://t.co/fAmR4sW0yH

  10. ditto - in 2015 I have been able to modify this and save my changes.
  11. This is an exciting step! Speakers will be hugely important to the success of the event so bring your best ideas https://t.co/wJjcAqNAbj

  12. @WoodyZuill I think about this doing DIY on my house. You rip something out thinking "why the hell did they do it l… https://t.co/KbsspbPD6Z

  13. @swatzyssdc @joerghampel @inusolutions @labvolution @ALArchitects @GreylockTech @ThoricSolutions @photovalve We wou… https://t.co/1dlGmTi2Z0

  14. @inusolutions @joerghampel @swatzyssdc I always plan to do it Friday afternoon, normally end up doing it Monday morning!

  15. @TARRC_EDU @niukie @RSComponents Nice job! What is it doing?

  16. @mojcamars I like piprdrive but the auto task creation is a key feature missing. Insightly had this but switched to… https://t.co/Nu9medvzAS

  17. Not many details but worth pointing out that it sounds like saftey systems did what they should do and fail safe on… https://t.co/3GBiQr9yON

  18. @westberksbrew When is it open? Can't see any details on the web

  19. RT @Fabiola31416: Are you Certified #LabVIEW Architect?, 2018 European #CLASummit - Official Call for Presenters. @NIglobal @LabVIEW https:…

  20. When you leave a bug for fresh eyes, and fix it in 2 minutes on Monday morning. Sometimes I get it right!

  21. @JeffreyHabets @Fabiola31416 @NIglobal @labview @labviewbydesign Without hesitation, there's enough bad code in exi… https://t.co/Pt4movohOr

  22. @JamieJPower @businessinsider Well the thing is that it is a brand (brandless TM). It's just like going to the Apple store

  23. What you are witnessing is a race condition specific to the way the implicit write text file works. I thought it was odd you get an empty string when it fails - the file should never be empty as you would expect to be overwriting the existing data. This VI works though. My guess is internally the implicitly opened write to text file clears the existing contents first. What you are seeing is a race condition between the file being cleared and the new data being written. I also tried it without the close and that still works (but obviously leaks file handles) So I don't think this is the root of your problems.
  24. I would guess that switch tabs means that everything on that tab is now triggered to be redrawn (which would be inline with rolfk's comments). If you had some large graphs or something similar then reducing the data they are holding may help reduce the spike to an acceptable level. That said the embedded UI is new and has a few... quirks... so if there is nothing big then talking to NI might be worthwhile as it could be a bug.
  25. I agree with crossrulz given the errors involved (E-12 and E-13). I put a snippet on a blog post which lets you calculate the error for a particular range. https://devs.wiresmithtech.com/blog/floating-point-precision/ (Note these will be smaller since these are the representation errors which will increase through rounding errors in the maths) I expect neither is better - since the dynamic range of both is the same then no option is more or less appropriate for floating point numbers. I would just pick your favourite, safe in the knowledge that your hardware will probably generate errors much higher that 1 pHz! (p.s. I attached the code since I couldn't get the snippet in the post to work) Double Precision Calculator.vi
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