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  1. Hey everyone, I'm very excited to let all NIWeek attendees know about a new podcast series I started in collaboration with NI. Aptly named the NIWeek Conference Podcast, you can listen to the first episode here. We'll be releasing one episode per week, to the run-up to August.
  2. Click here to listen I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Travis on this podcast episode. Jeffrey has written several LabVIEW related books, has released several open source LabVIEW tools such as LabVNC, LabSQL and LabPerl. He also has a very successful engineering business (Jeffrey Travis Studios ) developing LabVIEW based automation systems. Over the years, he’s transitioned to a radically different career as a director in the filmmaking industry. He’s had many short film successes, but recently he’s directed an independent feature film called Dragon Day. I had a very interesting di
  3. Yes. I will make sure the old feed is still valid. If not, there will be a redirect to the new location. It was a Video show that I created a few years ago with the intent of providing LabVIEW related content. However, along the way I got distracted by cool shiny robots and other geeky stuff. It was mostly interviews I did with vendors and companies at various trade shows. It was all over the map. It was great fun to do, but lacked focus. You can watch the old archive here: http://vishots.blip....archive&nsfw=dc Initially it will be introductory topics and short segments of really
  4. I'm really excited to announce that VI Shots will be rebranding and relaunching soon with new LabVIEW content. I don't want to say anything right now since the site is currently in development. What I can say is that the content format will be video, which I love. Even though I have a plan for the content. It will be evolving over time based on your feedback. I would love to hear from all of you. What would you love to see as some of the content on the site? What LabVIEW related topics would you like to see covered? For example: OOP theory, DAQ Hardware setup, User Interface Design, Build
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