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  1. Hello, I'm new in Labview. I had developed an application in Labview 2009 that change the voltage of a power generator in different modes and should be running continuously. Now, I will like to have the same functionality available on internet. I have been researching on internet and I found 2 different possibilities: 1.-Remote Panels 2. - Create a web page, which invoices a labview web service that obtain data from the application using the shared variables. I have several doubts about both of them, 0.- Are there any other approach to do that? Are the pproachs that I found correct? 1. - I had built a .exe application. Is it possible to use the remote panels when you are using an .exe? I had managed to use remote panels when I am executing a vi directly, I don't know if is possible to use them when you are executing the exe itself. 2. - In my application the data change quickly. If I use the second option, how can I keep the webpage updated without asking the web service every second? 3.-In the future I will include in my application an image obtained from a video camera, how can I include this image in the web? Thanks in advance for your help:rolleyes:
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