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  1. Have a look at the In Range and Coerce Function (Comparison Functions Palette) for your limits, I found it handy for seting limits. but then I'm using 2009, hope it's in your version! P.
  2. Many thanks to you all for your replies, all were useful, and I'm getting there. looks like I will require to make my own commend line to get some of the results I require as they are not directly available. Regards, Peter
  3. Hello folks, sorry if I'm a hassle, I'm a newbie here! Trying to control a Tek TDS3054B thats networked to the computer, running LV2009. I would like to control the time base and the input voltage of the scope for measurements, the usual signal is a 10us pulse on a 50hz frequency, 5v logic. MAX is all set up (I think!) and I've the drivers in the Instrument I/O OK. looking for best way to read data for test and measurement purposes, any hints would be much appreciated. Peter.
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