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  1. Ran into this problem today and was greatful to find this thread, even if we don't have a fix yet. At least I'm not alone in this strange behavior. Here's my setup: Mac running OS X 10.9.1 Windows 7 Enterprise running in a Parallels VM Parallels/Parallels Tools version 9.0.23350 LabVIEW 2013 (13.0f2) Here's something interesting that I've noticed: Regarding Jack's comments in Post #13 I think this may be somewhat normal behavior. Check out this section from the LabVIEW help on "Selecting a Tool": "If automatic tool selection is enabled, you can select specific tools in the following ways: Move the cursor over any open front panel or block diagram space and press the <Shift-Ctrl> keys to temporarily switch to the Scrolling tool." In my experience, I can get two different behaviors in this regard, depending on the setting found under Parallels > Configure... > Hardware > Mouse & Keyboard > Keyboard. If I choose "Optimize for games", pressing CTRL+SHIFT will immediately change the tool to the Scrolling tool (panning hand). If I choose "Don't optimize for games", pressing CTRL+SHIFT does not seem to have any effect. Only when I add a third key (like "E") to the group does the tool change to the hand (as Jack described). From the Parallels help: "Choose Optimize for games from the Keyboard menu if you actively use the modifier keys Option (Alt), Ctrl, and Shift in action games. If you choose this option, signals from these keys will be processed faster." "Optimize for games" doesn't seem to be a complete fix, but it makes some other odd behaviors better. For example, with the setting on "Don't optimize for games", I've found that if I click and drag an item and then press CTRL to make a drag-copy, it turns into a regular drag-move, not a copy. Switching to "Optimize for games" fixes this issue.
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