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  1. Ah It's not a bug it's a feature. I'll try not to generate too much work for you.
  2. As promised screenshot of OpenCL on an Nvidia GTX 470: Thanks. I probably should have posted the Cloo OpenCL code it was designed to replicate for comparison: int count = 10; float[] arrA = new float[count]; float[] arrB = new float[count]; float[] arrC = new float[count]; Random rand = new Random(); for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { arrA[i] = (float)(rand.NextDouble() * 100); arrB[i] = (float)(rand.NextDouble() * 100); } ComputeBuffer<f
  3. I believe I have two problems, the second as a result of the first. Yesterday I attempted to post some code I wrote in a new topic: http://lavag.org/top...ncl-in-labview/ I wrote my post and as I was writing it previewed it a few times while writing it. When the post was complete I previewed it and above the preview was a red box with the words "You must enter a post". I thought this a little strange given that I had filled in all the available boxes and the preview came up fine. When I tried to submit the post the same message came up. Being the problem solving type I then cut all the sect
  4. 1. What is this? This is a collection of VIs which let labview users use OpenCL without having to learn how to call DLLs themselves. Along with the VIs are two DLLs. Cloo.dll - Object Orientated CL, a OO wrapper library for OpenCL from the CLoo project. The CLoo.dll included is only there to keep VS2010 happy, you may want to download the latest version from the CLoo project page. Cloo4Labview.dll - a utility DLL I wrote containing some code that was easier to write in C# .net 2.0 than in labview. Source is included in the .zip 2. What is OpenCL? It lets you use your GPU to process lots
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