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  1. Right away sir, i'll get right on it Sounds good, i've used the compact rio about 2 years ago. So could be worth a look I've had a look at the CLA exams but not the CLD. Forgot about them, thanks
  2. Hi, 2 years ago i decided to learn new/diversify my skills e.g. Learn PLC's, ladder logic, structured text etc. I did this to hopefully make me a better software engineer and fill in some gaps in Knowledge base of control software. But i have decided to get back into Labview (i did concider giving up on Labview and just focus on PLC's but felt this would be a mistake to loose this skill). As i've decided now to get back into Labview i need new a project that could show off my skills to potential employers. Anyone got any ideas of a project that could show off well rounded labview skills. The other reason why i want to do a project is that i need the practice TB
  3. Hi, ive recently left a job that i did labview at. Now i dont happy a copy to practice on, i want to progress further with labview by myself (see my other posts) but feel if i cant get a copy my skill level go down and it might be worth giving up with labview. I'am considering doing visual basic now as they supply a free version of there software. Anyone know where i could get a copy from and not the trial version.
  4. Thanks for your answer, much appreciated. I have designed software for several different projects and used modular re-useable code within my project. Seems the best way to me. Think i was looking to create a "swiss army Knife" of projects. So i will take each project as it comes and evaluate each project on its own merits.
  5. Hi, im looking for opinions/advice on best way to create a re-useable code for e.g test program, Automated machine programs. That can be modified for different projects, would you say using a standard State machine template would be best?? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Stu
  6. Yup, i realised this when i read a LVOOP presentation
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. I think what i need to do is to choose a style i like and what works best for. I have to make a decision and stick with it. Think i may have a look at the LVOOP as i'm not a fan of queues. Stu
  8. Hi, ive been using labview since 1998. Not constantly but long periods of writing code then not writing code. About a year since i last wrote some code. What i'm wanting to do is become more professional about my approach to writing code. As i've been using Labview since 1998 i used L 5.1. My idea and approaches of writing code may be a lot different to others. The latest version i have used is Labview 10. Labview 10 is quite different from 5.1 apart from the fundamentals. What i'm wanting to do is to be able to write my own code proffessionally with a good architecture and a better understanding of the techniques used today. Is there any books, courses etc. I can do myself, as i will be doing this off my own back Stu
  9. My problem at the moment is i've got a new job which starts tomorrow. But they may not necessarily buy Labview immediately, thats one of the reasons why i'm looking into my own license.
  10. Hi, i was wondering how much it would be to buy the Labview license for myself. Then noticed the price , so is there any discount out there or do you just use your companys version of the Labview??
  11. Thanks for replies guys been using Labview for 12 years now, tried Visual Basic, C++. But don't find them as interesting as G code.
  12. Hi, if Labview went bankrupt. What other alternatives are there to use?? What other languages do you use??
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