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  1. Well, not really. iVision is a commercial project, what we're making is going to be open source. Besides, strangely enough, they grant much less functionality than IMAQ or OpenCV.
  2. Hi, Right now I am working on a project to create an open Vision-like library for LabVIEW based on Intel OpenCV. At the moment, we don't have enough time and people to wrap all the OpenCV functions, so we could really use some statistics on which functions are essential and which of them could be left for the future. Please, express your opinion here. Thanks in advance
  3. Well, the thing is I'm not using IMAQ and I'm not supposed to. I use OpenCV to handle the camera.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a custom image-viewing indicator using XControls. The problem is the data change event is never triggered (the images come from a camera). As I understand, this happens because the input for my indicator is a pointer to an image, i.e. I32, and as the data changes, the pointer value stays constant. On the other hand, I've tried to use standard "Picture" data type as an input, and the data change event got triggered as the picture changed. But in the Picture data type, a raster image is stored by a pointer too. So, why does the data change event happen in one case and is never triggered in another? Thanks in advance
  5. Yes. I've looked through the change log for 8.5.1, and there is plenty of fixes connected to XControl. So, this is most likely a bug, and I just need to create the controls under 8.5.1 and then use it in 8.5. Or transfer to 8.5.1. Anyway, thanks for your concern!
  6. The same XControl was created on two different computers. All the actions were strictly the same. One gives the delay, the other doesn't. It was tested on both computers. It's also notable that the vi files from those two XControls have different size, though seem identical when loaded. Magic. The only difference is the LabVIEW version: one is 8.5.0, the other 8.5.1.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create an indicator via XControl, and I'm getting a huge rising delay between the indicator's reaction and the input. It seems to me that the XControl's events accumulate in some kind of an event queue and are handled one after another in parallel to all the other program code. So if the XControl refreshes slowly (and that is my case), the queue starts rising and so does the delay. The best solution in that case would be locking that queue size to some small value so that the indicator handles only those events it has time for. Other solution would be to make all the other code wait for the indicator to process all it's events, but that's an extremely bad plan up to me... I'd like to know if my surmise is correct and if it is possible to do what I've described, or by any other means remove the delay. Thanks in advance
  8. The funny thing is, I'm actually working on a project of creating an open NI Vision-like library, based on OpenCV. I know about HYTEK iVision, but they have a stripped-down functionality comparing with the NI's library, which is strange, as OpenCV offers a much wider set of instruments. My main problem is that OpenCV has this extremely unnatural BGR image format. The Picture control can be easily wrapped to show such images but there are some data conversion performance expenses I was trying to get rid off. Though recently I've realized that even if I will be able to create my own control there still will be some drawing interface and there is no chance that it will be BGR. ActiveX controls was the first idea, but I have to support different OSes and ActiveX is a strictly Windows-only feature. Maybe there is some alternative I could use for the Linux-based systems? Anyway, thanks for your concern, I have a much clearer vision of the problem now.
  9. Well, thanks then, now at least I know I can stop searching for it...
  10. I've checked the XNode feature and it turns out that it uses the Picture Control image format. The problem is I need my control to take a very specific data format and converting data between formats takes time. Besides, NI did somehow create their image control. I wonder if it is possible to do it the same way they did.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I'll look into X-Nodes. I know Vision is good but it costs too much and NI takes money for every sold/distributed copy of a system one creates using Vision. Actually, my task is to create a free alternative implementing some of the Vision's functionality.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a way to implement an image indicator, very similar to the one from Vision, but it mustn't use any of the IMAQ/Vision functions or the Picture indicator. All I've found was how to create controls with custom icons or make a custom control from several built-in ones, so I would be very grateful if someone can tell me if there is any way to create LabVIEW indicators "from scratch". Thanks in advance
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