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  1. Hi I have downloaded the Qwavesys from this website https://github.com/QWaveSystems/QwaveSys-RPi-Package_2.0 but when i open the VI of exercise of webcam i got a broken wires as shown attached please advise how can I solve this issue and why the VI shows like this ?
  2. Dear Ben By your help i start immediately to read and serch in the web sites and i got this video on you tube explain some thing about our subject (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4VZHwpSW1M) and i will try to look for details or projects about it because if we succeed in this subject this will decreas the cost of purchase the DAQ and other additional equipments and saving money thank you very much
  3. thank you my friend i'm very very happy for this great information i wish if we keep in contact in case if you interest about the same subject (direct interfacing without externat or additional equipment ) regards
  4. sorry could you please explain more
  5. Hi i have understand your answer because you didnit answer me is there direct interfacing or not ? is there web site link can help me in what you say about if it is connected to my question? thank you
  6. hi is it possible to make interfacing by using labview directly with ISA or PCI bus without using the national instruments devices ? please if there is some thing like this please guide me . regards
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