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  1. Cheers thanks for the info, I think I'll go fo VisualSVN. Unfortunately I've got to wait for our IT Infrastructure guys to approve this before it can go adhead but at least I know what direction I'm going in.
  2. Thanks for the replies... Looks like I could be headed in the right kind of direction. The VisualSVN Server looks pretty neat. What's the pros and cons of using this over striaght subversion? . I've approached out IT dept with what I'd like to do and I'm waiting for a response. In the meantime I'll carry on reading... cheers
  3. I have for some time been running without a source code control tool. I do realise the benefits having used one at my previous company and so I’m keen to get back to using a tool. Having read around on the forums I’ve decided that Subversion is the way to go with LV. I’m unsure of how to go about setting it up and would like to gain a bit more knowledge before I start. These are the steps I intend to take: 1) I intend to download and install TortoiseSVN on my PC from http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/ It’s described as “A SubVersion client, implemented as a windows shell extension.” 2) I presume that TortoiseSVN requires a SubVersion server set up. So, I nintend to doswnload the SubVersion server from http://subversion.apache.org/ Having taken a quick look at the FAQ it says “If you want to host a networked repository, then you need to set up either Apache2 or an "svnserve" server.”. So I intend to do that on a server PC that our development group can all access. Has anybody done this? 3) For the time being I intend not to use a plugin so that the repository can be accessed via LV project. Perhaps I may try out the demo of the JKI plugin as it seems to have much better reports than the PushOK one. 4) I realise there is a lot to set up after this and a lot to learn in the way that the tool is used but for the moment I’d like to get to point where it can be tried out. Does that look like a sensible start?
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