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  1. I am thinking of creating a small library based on variants that would give the users a simple input/output way of doing maps/hashes/dictionary (depending on which programming language terminology you prefer). Any interest?
  2. Have you had a chance to publish the OO error handling?
  3. Thanks. I am hoping NI include some version of this in the upcoming LabView update or at least in LabView 2013. I think message response would greatly simplify a lot.
  4. Has anybody tried the "Advanced Message Maker" for the actor framework located here? I want to jump in but don't want to get into more than I can chew (I keep hoping that the February Labview Update will include message response) Any thoughts on this? I find it really cumbersome that I can only send data via message but Cannot Receive data (especially dealing with class hierarchy)
  5. Thank you. I guess I am finally learning the true meaning of the "by-value" feature in LabVIEW.
  6. Hey guys, I have been teaching myself labview for the past 2 to 3 years. I know other programming languages like java and PHP so OOP is not entirely new to me. I am running into an issue with actor framework, specifically writing/reading private data of actor instances. I have created a simple project that encapsulate my issue. Basically, I have a main vi called "test" that starts an actor called "Prime". Prime immediately starts another actor called "Secondary". Secondary has a string in its private data member, with proper read/write accessors. I created a message to be able to write to the string in the private data. Prime has a message dequeuer in its private data so that it can communicate with secondary. My whole goal is to have both prime and secondary running simultaneously and have you, with the click of a button, update that string in secondary and have the new string show on the front panel. I have been struggling with this for a few days now. I have posted the zip file for the project below. Please help. Actor Message Learning.zip
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