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  1. Sixclear will be there! It's time to go gift shopping for the door prize...
  2. Sixclear believes in being sexy. In the promotion of this principle, we are giving away a new FitBit One: I tried to paste the largest image available. I believe I've succeeded. See you next week!
  3. Sixclear will be sponsoring a lovely door prize that is currently under panel review. More to come...
  4. Hi All, We're exhibiting for the first time at NIWeek next week and want to get any feedback from using the lead retrieval system offered to exhibitors. We've used lead retrieval at previous trade shows and it's been very successful, though I wonder about this vendor, about foot traffic and leads generated at NIWeek, and so on. I wonder if other past exhibitors have had good or bad experience specifically at NIWeek. Obviously, there's a different ROI depending on your services, but general feedback would be appreciated. I've attached the details about the vendor (LeadAdvance powered by ActiveEvents). LeadAdvance_BB_2012.pdf Thanks so much! Brian Spears Sixclear
  5. Purchased! Can't wait to go again. See you there!
  6. We started a set of CLAD prep topics on VI High, our LabVIEW programming video blog, but we've only managed to make one episode so far. We have plans to add more in the future, but for now hopefully the one CLAD prep post we have up will be helpful! Take a look: http://blog.sixclear.com/post/2702910705/clad-exam-prep-1 Brian Spears Sixclear
  7. Just bought a ticket! I anticipate the epicness of this event. In fact I will tweet it now. See you there! Brian Spears Sixclear
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