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  1. Jordan Kuehn's post in How to Stop Scanning for Fluke 2638A was marked as the answer   
    In your top loop you can place an event structure with a timeout value of the 15 minutes and place the scan code in the timeout event case with a reasonable (short) timeout input.  Then in your other event cases you can process things like your stop button.
  2. Jordan Kuehn's post in cRio-9073 status led flashing 4 times was marked as the answer   
    Try running the Distributed System Manager when this occurs and take a look at CPU Usage and Memory usage as well as any faults.
  3. Jordan Kuehn's post in XY-graph: programmatically add point "labels" was marked as the answer   
    I worked on something much like this before, but never wound up fully finishing or using it.  Here is code that is meant to be called in an event structure for a "mouse up" event in a Waveform Graph.  It expects the control reference, the coordinates (both returned by the event) and a name to put on the annotation.  See if this does what you want.

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