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  1. I used toggl a lot myself when consulting. I did not find the timer useful, but at the end of the day I would try to make entries in round numbers (.5 hour resolution) of how much time was spent per project and a short summary of what item(s) I worked on. It was fantastic when submitting invoices for hourly work. No questions asked, very transparent, and it made producing the invoice quite easy.
  2. Synology is great. I recommend that for friends who are interested and also put them into a few small offices when asked for some minor IT consulting. At home I run TrueNAS (FreeNAS) in a rackmount server. I like it quite a lot, but it's a bit more hands on. Not terribly so though and you can pick up used server equipment pretty inexpensively.
  3. A 9039 may be of interest, but I don’t think the 9038. Thank you for checking. Still looking for 9047s.
  4. I was looking for one of your old tools the other day and I couldn't find it. Now I stumble across this several months after you posted the "trick". You are evil! 😆
  5. I hope this is not against the rules, please delete if so. I am looking to purchase any new or gently used cRIO 9047s that anyone may have on hand and don't need anymore. Please feel free to contact me here on LAVA or via email at jordankuehn@sef.energy.
  6. I was beginning to work with the NXG version and integrate it into some of our products. Then stomped on the brakes when they cancelled NXG. Now that it looks like they’ll make good on spinning it off into a standalone product I’ll be giving it a fresh look. Especially now that we have a SystemLink license.
  7. The SFTP stuff stood out to me. WebDAV has never been great with cRIOs for me. I'm happy to ditch an old toolkit that's not maintained and work with native tools.
  8. I think AQ is enjoying this role as the end user instead of the LV programmer 🤣 I do appreciate following these edge cases though. I use this tool widely and it is fantastic.
  9. I guess yes, for the registration. However, the scheduling service and whatnot has been a separate entity and changed every time. Though apparently there's no need to check for available courses and such with only 4 hours around lunch.
  10. I mean that's been the case many (all?) times in the past with the NI Weeks that I've attended. Wow. 10am-2pm on one day? I think you are absolutely correct about what we can expect to see here.
  11. A fair question. I've used notifiers with the wait on notification, but not with the get status. It's two sides of the same coin as far as I'm concerned, and what is the underlying transport mechanism for the notifier anyway? My point however, is that while the SEQ is a special use case of a Queue there are ways to use it other than how you typically do. I'm also not entirely sold on the N:1 definition you are placing on a Queue. Sure in a typical use case 1:1 or N:1 is common, but there are use cases where you may not care about order and have multiple consumers dequeueing which could be 1:N or N:N. It's just a tool that is used how you configure it and decide to use it. Now we can switch over to user events and if those are N:N
  12. A bold statement. I've certainly used it in this way before for synchronization, de-queueing until something is available, en-queueing when space allows, etc. However, I've also used it in what I believe drjdpowell is referring to with DVR functionality. I would even say more often than the other use case. Lossy enqueue + preview queue element is a useful mechanism for providing a latest updated value to any place with the queue reference.
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