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  1. RT @EStarkloff: Thank you Dr. T for 40 years of leadership. And congratulations to our next CEO, Alex Davern! https://t.co/CBwWNwKzTf

  2. @Fabiola31416 This picture turned out pretty good of us at #NIWeek https://t.co/8wNutDUgdr

  3. RT @eyesonvis: Eyes on VIs blog: LabVIEW 2016 and NI Technology Preview https://t.co/4HklqLno2q

  4. RT @hooovahh: Ladies of #NIWeek (and Chris) https://t.co/XyKhJ7ImIP

  5. RT @NIglobal: Starting in 2017, #NIWeek is moving to May! Mark your calendars now: May 22-25 2017. https://t.co/p250f19Czu

  6. RT @eyesonvis: LOL https://t.co/uXjktPu3Zi

  7. RT @Icanfindjeremy: Coming to #NIWeek? All the cool kids will be at #LAVABBQ2016. One week left to save on tickets https://t.co/ZGF8t2usAe

  8. RT @viengineering: We're looking for a Test Software and Development Engineer. Think you've got the right stuff? Join the VI family: https:…

  9. RT @vishots: New to #labview channel wires? Read all about them here: https://t.co/XJGhHqGV0F

  10. RT @dnatt: The PDF mod I describe in this nugget is now an official feature in the #LabVIEW 2015 Report Gen Toolkit! http://t.co/fFnUiQOdS0

  11. RT @NISysEng: #LabVIEW 2015 includes feature to add custom right-click menu items. Here's where you can find lots of them to add. https://t…

  12. RT @dnatt: So cool! They put my #LabVIEW 2015 slogan on a button! #NIWeek http://t.co/jDyZuyGZFU

  13. RT @delacorllc: Don't miss TS6421 - Chris' Don't Panic: #LabVIEW Developer's Guide to #TestStand Thursday, August 6     2:00 PM  Room 16B #…

  14. RT @eyesonvis: Congratulations Matthias Baudot! #NIWeek World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer 2015 http://t.co/tHoqnueiHs

  15. RT @labview: .@dnatt nice job demoing new LabVIEW features! You killed it! #NIWeek.

  16. RT @dnatt: The balcony over by the ballrooms is shaded, has chairs, and is a great place to warm up in between sessions. #niweek #protip

  17. Time to dust off my Twitter account! #NIWeek2015

  18. RT @Fabiola31416: @vishots, the #LabVIEW community misses you! When is the next episode? #WeWantVIshots back #vishots. @NIglobal @lavag

  19. The big one for me is flexibility. With two young children, having the ability to work part time, stay home for snow days, leave early for school events is huge. Simply being able to be flexible with my hours without being penalized is a big part of my job satisfaction. The next biggest thing for me is project diversity - I like being challenged.
  20. The only thing I can think of that goes with the pipe analogy is "segment". That to me means a piece of pipe.
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