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  1. @panerabread your local store stopped bringing orders to the table. Why? That personal service made the difference for me.

  2. @johncampea Check out this fan for your studio. Help you keep cool and quiet: https://t.co/r97fElc2vF

  3. Run with me at #niweek #10k365 https://t.co/qQORf44bhR

  4. Day 16 of 365: https://t.co/TqqCoOjc4I via @YouTube

  5. Day 12 of 365: https://t.co/xHPJVnwljW via @YouTube

  6. Just cancelled spotify in favor of #AppleMusic

  7. Just read this yelp review about a starbucks. Chill dude. http://t.co/kWu10BsjJ7

  8. I love reading personal success stories: http://t.co/WEfZjholEY

  9. RT @jamesmalach: Half of 8 is 4, half of 8 is also 3 and half of 8 can also be 0.

  10. I just supported @UNICEF Innovation Labs and programs for the chance to be in @EpisodeVII #FORCEFORCHANGE http://t.co/WcBQyEfxoC via @omaze

  11. Photoset: byebyebananas: thefrogman: Come one, come all to Bill Shatner’s School of Overacting! Forget... http://t.co/X51NhONg8t

  12. So am i suppose to be hanging out on google+ ? Nobody is on there. Only @Fabiola31416 and Mercer. No really.

  13. How to make a boring robot car into an internet sensation: http://t.co/iJw6mTdg

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