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  1. I flipped a switch. Let me know if anything changes.
  2. I will complete the survey but wanted to add here as well. I use EtherCAT primarily with 3rd party slaves and only use NI hardware\software. I have limited time resources and prefer to stay within one environment, so I choose NI software whenever I can. I just don't have time to learn all the 3rd party tools. Maybe others can help me here. if anything, at least this thread has brought other ECAT experts to the surface, I can DM for help 😉. I have come across a few limitations but I have been able to work around them because I have no choice. One thing that is frustrating is there is no wa
  3. I get an error 7, file missing error when I run the app builder Build.vi provided by NI (visible in the palettes). I've seen this issue a few times with various projects. I'm not sure what causes it, but there's no way to recover from it quickly. The only thing that fixes it, that I've found, is to manually execute a build from the project build spec. This seems to fix the missing cache issue. After a manual build is done, Automated builds using the build.vi work as expected without errors, multiple times.
  4. I don't need or care for the new VIPM browser. How can I stop it from launching all the time and staying resident. I have to keep manually exiting it every time. An option in VIPM to turn it off would make sense. I would like to make my own decisions to use a feature and not have it forced upon me. I have not seen where this is configured.
  5. I've been trying the "save for previous" feature in LabVIEW. It gets stuck in this dialog and LabVIEW just freezes and I have to terminate it. I was down-saving a VI that was part of a class and it called a couple classes as well. So it wasn't just a single VI. Does the "save as" really work? Curious if others have success with this feature.
  6. Can you provide a public link where people can download VIPM 2019? So far I haven't seen one, unless I missed it.
  7. I have 2 x cRIO-9039 controllers for sale (hardly used by me). If anyone wants a great deal on these, let me know. I can sell one or both.
  8. I tried VIPM2020. It was buggy for me. I also didn't like the new login "feature" and the notification taskbar malware. So I reverted to VIPM2019.
  9. I know there is a GUI for it, I've seen it. But the marketing for it, does not promote it anywhere. I wish I could quickly point to where that is, but unless it's accessible from the homepage, you lost me. If you take the philosophy that GUIs are not for real programmers, then you will start to align with GPMs design language.
  10. I discussed with @Mark Balla and we figured out a way to get all the old videos that used to be on the Tecnova site up to Youtube. It will take a few days but this is in progress. Probably within a week all the videos should be up. I will update this thread with progress.
  11. I don't have access to those. The only way would be to get @Mark Balla to upload them to youtube. I will ping him.
  12. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised by, in the video presentation. Was the announcement of a 6-year partnership (not sure what that means) with the FIRST robotics organization to provide hardware like the roboRIO. I was almost certain that NI abandoned this effort years ago. It's nice to see them reaffirming this relationship. Proof is in the actions, so we'll see. I hope this means more active support to the teams in regards to promoting LabVIEW and not just, ya we will keep selling roboRIO.
  13. That server is not available anymore. To find the videos, you can visit the wiki: https://labviewwiki.org/wiki/NIWeek or Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUiBucUImKZERoTzaOtHB5g
  14. So NI pushed out their new logo and website. What do you think?
  15. All the videos for VIWeek are live: https://labviewwiki.org/wiki/VIWeek
  16. So just adding info here for future googlers. There is an NI KB article on how to cleanup the cache here: https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019KdtSAE&l=en-US In there it also mentions an ini token that eliminates cache creation completely:
  17. Right, if running LV community, you have everything you need. No need to install anything from VIPM. In fact it will make it worse. The reason why the log message states Raspberry Pi 2 B (I stated elsewhere), is because the LINX toolkit has an old hardcoded message internally that does not trigger off the actual board model. @Darren, this should be fixed becasue it's confusing.
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