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  1. Hi, i am thinking to do in labview for our production controlling. I have some pupms that can generate noise when stroke touches the inside mechanical parts. I am adjusting this noise by adjusting the stroke length manuvally in soft ware and then they prepared for selling. But, why not i can make a automated system that can calibrate these noise. SO, i think i can take some sound sensor which can handle 50db- 120 db sound. and the sound in 50-70db means no noise, if i hit other range then its noise by touching mechanical part. i think i can get the data from sound sensor to labview and make the adjustment automatically. Here i have some questions? 1) choosing sound senor and can it differenciate two sounds? please give me some sound sensors if someone know. Note: i would like to use sensor as externally. 2) If i am write with above, how can i get data to labview from sensor? I searched a lot on web for sound sensors but can't able to get one as my requirement. Even, i can use pressure or vibration sensors. Please some one suggest me.
  2. In my program, If my serial device is disconnected unfortunately, i am displaying a message to user and program is shutdown. Now, i would like to do in a way, that if my serial device disconnects then my program shoud display the message and then it will not shutdown but it has to wait for the serial device again. if it connetcs in same port the program should run as well or if it connects in other com port then the program should automatically change existing comport to that port. Is possible in labview? Can you help me?
  3. Good project and it is very interesting to me but i am also new to labview and eagerly waiting to see reply from other experienced persons.
  4. i did not make it to erase dropdown data at the starting of program and how to add the empty array to existing property node. Drop down data is coming from for loop and displaying in it in same time that before that operation how can i exactly empty the combobox.
  5. yes, I know that and problem is even i have to wait 10 min first time to see the results. Can i put any button in the timeout case like you can see immediatly or otherwise for every 10 minuts.
  6. thank you somuch for brief explanation. I have one more problem with my event structure that contains 10 event cases. In that event cases are run according to the button press. I would like to run one of the case for every 10 mintus to update the data. is it possible to that with one event case.
  7. Really, I am confused and i need to know how it is displaying the binary "1100001101001101" after replace array subset. Before your message i think that it will add the coming 5 bits after 11 bits. On that time, i don't have any answer my self that how it is displaying "1100001101001101" instead of "1011001011000011". I have seen with probe now and I saw the output as "1011001011000011" and not "1100001101001101". Then how i got the real output or am i get going in wrong way.
  8. Hi, I have a problem with my combobox. it is always saving the strings in drop down list and displaying it before even the program not run one time. When I run my code it will populate some addresses and when my total vi and open again also displaying previous addresses. how should clear these address when the program is closed. Thank you.
  9. Thank you so much for your help. I have two small doubts that how Reshape array subset appending five bits as MSB and 11 bits as next to that. I think according to the discription it will append the 5 bits as LSB. I am little confused, can you how and where it is adding. I don't know exactly when to use 4.x data and normal typecast converstion. can tell in exactly one sentence when to use and what id the difference. I have studied labview discription and not understand.
  10. I would like write two bytes of information to write visa. Two bytes consisting with 5 bits as signed (exponent) and remaining 11 bits are mantissa. I have done some coding but i need extend that to two bytes. you can find attched vi. At last i have to add those 5 bit and 11 bit to a two byte value. example, 3.3 is written input and output should be ---------> 1100001101001101----> here first fivets represents -8(always signed) and next 11 bits represents(845). One more doubt, Please say in one sentense. what is difference between 4.x typecast and normal type case. I read the help information and not understand any thing. i have done some coding and did not got the original output. writevalue.vi
  11. the given solution also not working and I sloved my problem. I just changed my labview version. Thank a lot for your kind help. Can you help me in writing write visa. suppose let say, i want to write 3.3V to device to set. I have to convert that into Y=X.2(power of -N) , which gives into two bytes. You can see example in the given PPT (77th slide second model). Can you help me, how can i do that logic in labview.
  12. Thank you for your suggestion. I already know this option but i am using labview 8.5 ,so, that option is not available in 8.5. Now, i am downloading latest verstion . MAy it will take some time to fix all. I have one doubt and will ask later about that.
  13. I have 5 signed bits which creating problems. I have to get the below values when i run the VI. it is not converting the five bits to signed. CAA6--------> 5.3v, DA80-----------> 20,C34D-------->3.3, E367........> 54.43v You can find some examples from page 74 to 89 in th egiven PPt. Can any one help me. pptpm.pdf
  14. Steve, I just once look your code and affried to handle that. I am just learning it now. Have you used any state machine in your code. Furthurmore, if i have any doubts then i will post here. What is enumerated typedef constant. I don't have any idea about these terms. can you explaine me. Thank you.
  15. I have one doubt on this model that what is the main difference between before program and this model. Where this program is good compared to previous. Now, i am just learning how this is working. I want to know where the difference is?
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