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  1. Hello Antoine Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I was working away frantically at it but I was also dealing with other issues with my project. I was working on a different VI called rotation detect when I reposted that last message. The modifications that you have made are first class thank you so much for your help. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BYE
  2. Hello How to I conctruct an ROI for a concentric rake tool from two circles already found in the image. I want to use the measurements of the ineer cirlce and the outer circle to form the boundries for the rake but am unable to do so. HELP Bye
  3. Hello I am doing a college project using Labview 2010 and a webcam to capture an image and process it. I am trying to find and measure a line in a circular region of interest.There are two circles bounding my search region, an inner circle (the origin) and the outer circle ( the edge of my image) as of now I am able to track and measure both them. My plan was to use these measurements to set the Contours for both of the individual shapes that define an ROI but I am unable to do so. I have attached a VI that I have been working on aswell as a sample of an image. Also once I get this problem sorted out I would eventually like to be able to set the ROI for the Rake tool automatically by using the measurements acquired from the find circle tools. Thank you very much in advance. Bye 10 ATTEMPT AT IMAQ.vi
  4. Hello again Thank you for all your help. I know that the camera is not the ideal solution but I am doing this to get exposure to vision systems while doing my project. The LDR's are the best and easiest solution but my superviser wants more from the project. Bye
  5. Hello all Thank you very much for your replies. It is greatly appreciated. I am attempting to use the IMAQ magic wand tool . I understand what you are saying about the threshold levels when the light fades but my plan was to alter the treshold levels automatically using a LDR circuit. I have attached the vi I am working on. Just to let you know that there are some VI's missing because I do not have those modules downloaded on my laptop but they are on my PC at college. The image I posted ealier is representative of what I will be processing. I have been able to map the line in labview using the magic wand tool but am having difficulty interpreting the results. My plan was to take elements from a project that is a XY plotter that gets coordinates from the processed image and draws that image on paper, I know I am not drawing anything but the movement of the stepper motors is similar. Thanks again thres and wand.vi
  6. Hello I am currently developing a project using labview to track the sun using a camera. The camera will acquire an image of a shadow of a line cast by the sun on a screen much like a sun dial. My problem is coming up with an algorithm that will measure the line and relay coordinates back to my program where two stepper motors will move the solar panels into a better position. I have tried using NI Vision assistant but am new to it. The camera that I will be using is a Bosch Dinion LTC0445 camera connected to a PCI chasis. I have attached an example image of what the camera will be taking. Thank you dcg
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